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Cameo appearances can sometimes save a failing show. But what can they do for corporate video?

Celebrities often make cameo appearances in popular shows and music videos. Whether it’s Britney Spears appearing on HIMYM or Drew Barrymore walking by SZA in music videos, cameos almost always have a high impact on the content they appear in.

Celebrities appearing as guests on shows (popular or not) is a mutually beneficial exchange. It boosts the show’s ratings while giving the celeb a chance to stay relevant. If the celeb typically appears in more dramatic roles, this gives them the opportunity to show off their comedic side.

Cameos augment the quality of the content. Not only do pay homage to pop culture; they also show audiences that they’re up to date in the entertainment world.

So what does this mean for corporate video?

Well, for larger companies/conglomerates with an already established brand, audience, and large marketing budget, this might be a relatively easy task. This especially goes for celebrities who already use or publicly back the product. A cameo from a well-known celebrity in the entertainment world brings visibility to established brands and provides credibility to viewers.

But what about smaller brands? Well, we can argue that using less-popular celebs (B and C list) might be a better option – especially for brands with a tight marketing budget. It never hurts to reach out to managers and agents and offer product/services in exchange for cameos. Sometimes public figures make appearances as gestures of good faith when the appearance is on-brand.

It goes without saying that it brings more eyes on what would be lesser-known content. For companies who can afford to bring in familiar faces, a cameo is a great way to enhance their brand.

Here at Key West Video, we work with all brands and celebrities to shoot the best, most meaningful corporate video. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today.

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