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Canes Community Care

CANES Community Care is a Key West Video repeat client. For the Home at Last project, CANES came to us with a story and a request to produce an explainer video. CANES liked the animation we used on another project and asked for a similar look. Here’s how we made it work.

The Story of CANES

Our contact at CANES had used his grandfather in a previous video for the Home at Last program. The client wanted to update the information and the look with animation. However, he asked us to keep his grandfather’s name and story intact.

Using a day-in-the-life approach was a perfect fit for this project. Explainer videos often benefit from a true story that’s relatable, understandable and engaging. We were able to illustrate a step-by-step process and still keep the video at two minutes. It was simple, clear and easy to follow for anyone who wanted to use the service.

Animation with Graphics

The stars of this video were definitely the animated characters, including Grandpa Alvin. Endearing and cheerful, Alvin showed the audience exactly how to take advantage of the CANES Home at Last program. Although the video was populated by cartoons, our animator still managed to utilize movement and postures that made them feel real.

Recognizable graphics complemented the custom animated characters. Home at Last and CANES Community Care boards drew viewer attention as images that could be seen on the CANES website. This nod to branding helped the viewer tie the video to a name they may have already known or would recognize when looking for the service online. Another graphic visual cue was used to introduce the hospitals participating in the program.

Actors Versus Animation

One of the most obvious advantages of using animation is that you don’t need to include actors in your video. There are no long shoot days or associated costs when your talent is animated. This CANES video could have been difficult to shoot for elderly or infirm actors. The use of animated characters also made adjustments and changes easier to accommodate.

Call to Action

Every video should end with a call to action, which tells the viewer how to act on the information they’ve just seen. The CANES video includes a final reminder that this is a free service. The piece wraps with verbal and visual references to the phone number and website.

Explainer Video

The Home at Last video is an explainer video that hits all the right notes. How the program works and ways to use the service were clearly spelled out with narration and visuals. The characters and story were accessible and explicit. The straightforward call to action is the ribbon on top of a nicely packaged video.

If you have a service or product that could benefit from an explainer video, Key West Video can help. Call us today for a quote.

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