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How Corporate Video Can Capitalize on Social Media Trends

It should go without saying that paying attention to social media trends is important in corporate video.

But with all the information out there, how can you capitalize on it? Social media trends can change as frequently as the seasons, and sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of constant shifts.

According to Facebook, as of January 2015, the number of people who post videos on Facebook increased globally by 75% last year, and 94% in the US. And apparently, Facebook has averaged over a billion videos every day since 2014! With that one platform alone, that’s a huge market to tap into. So how do companies cut through the noise?

Well, we’ve discussed before how to secure solid video marketing strategies. One strong way is to capitalize on what is actually trending specifically to that platform. For example,  see a popular global hashtag on twitter? Make a short video statement that can potentially piggyback on that meme.

For example, just recently, the children’s show Arthur became a popular meme on both Twitter and Facebook. As a general rule of thumb, trending twitter topics that make it across platforms usually have a strong enough clout worth investing time in. One idea would be to 1. understand the meme and who it speaks to and 2. reach that audience with quick-witted advertising. Whether it’s an animation or a live-action dress-up, the trend has provided you with the tools. Now it’s your turn to use your creativity to craft it into something.

One company that brilliantly capitalized on a popular trend was The Salvation Army with a powerful PSA. By placing the ad in the context of domestic violence, they were able to send out a strong message that masterfully played on our emotions, and while the demonic dress trended for weeks, the timing could not have been more perfect.

How Corporate Video Can Capitalize on Social Media Trends
via The Salvation Army

Corporate video marketing can be viewed as a social media trend in itself. Despite it not having a singular platform, the fact that everyone is doing it makes it an almost imperative trend to follow. The difficulty comes with separating yourself from the pack.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating memorable, unique video that lets you stand out. For more information on our services, contact us today!

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