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GL Events team

During the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, Key West Video shot footage for a promotional video. GL Events was the main tent supplier for the international gathering of athletes and the company was intimately involved in the erection of many temporary structures. In this case study, we analyze the techniques Key West Video used to showcase the success of GL Events.


The first thing you notice about the GL Events video is the reliance on music. The visuals were so strong, we didn’t need voice-over or narration to tell the story. Instead, we chose a music track with gravitas that created the feel of a big, important event. The music also builds tension and expectation with its low tones.

Throughout the video, music drives the edit. By cutting to the beats, the editor created flow. Some of the slower parts of the music are used to let a longer shot develop, which allows time to soak up the visuals. In the faster music sections, emphasis is given to certain shots with rapid-fire editing.


The visuals in this video encompass both planning and construction. Together they illustrate the amount of work that went into this massive project. The shots also show that GL Events is a full-service company that both plans and executes event services.

For visual interest, timelapse and drone shots were included. Timelapse is a handy way to condense a long process. This compression allowed us to show the lengthy constructions from start to finish. Incorporating drone shots gave the viewer a unique perspective with a bird’s eye view.


The visuals of this video are augmented by text. The creative implementation of key stats highlights the large scope of the project. In several shots, Pan Am signage is used to identify the location and remind the viewer of the event supported.

Team Building and Branding

The video ends with a collection of shots featuring the GL Events team. This reinforces the idea of how many people it took to produce this event. It’s also a way to say thanks and celebrate the people involved. The branded shirts they wear remind us of the company being promoted.

Promotional Videos

If you have an event that shows off the abilities of your company, why not use the footage to promote your business? Call Key West Video today to discuss how we can showcase what you do best.

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