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Labatt talking taps

How do you make a marketing meeting more interesting? Key West Video created a series of internal-facing videos for Labatt Breweries National Commercial Conference. This short piece featuring animated beer taps was a fun challenge for our team. Using footage of a bank of taps, one of our editors manipulated the brand characters. His work resulted in a memorable introduction for one speaker.

Happy Hour at Labatt Brewery

We establish the bar atmosphere from the first frame of the video. Even though this was shot in an empty room, adding ambient bar noise creates the feel of a pub. Without this added sound, the video would sound too spare. With the added sound, no background music is needed.

Talking Mascots

After establishing the Labatt Brewery bar vibe, and giving the viewer a chance to identify all the branded taps, we surprise the audience with a talking mascot. The Shock Top orange slice introduces the conference topic by asking if everyone is ready for his 2018 trade plans. That’s the cue for our second tap, the Goose Island goose, to speak up about her product and tell us about her success. It’s back to Shock Top, and a chance for him to blow his own horn concerning his beer prowess.

Labatt case study
Shock Top touts his beer prowess

Although we’re less than thirty seconds into the video at this point, we have the audience’s undivided attention. Our target market was a room full of Labatt employees who were familiar with the products each tap represents. Instead of having a talking head relay some marketing statistics, this was a much more playful and entertaining way to talk about beer.


Cue the talking moose. At the far end of the taps is the Moosehead moose and he has a few statistics of his own. As the camera cuts to different shots and angles, the audience sees all of the taps representing a variety of Labatt Brewery beverages. The editor added movement in the tap pulls to give some extra life to each animated character. He also manipulated the goose’s neck to make her more lifelike.

Labatt case study
Moosehead beer tap gets animated

It’s back to the goose for a few more statistics and a bit more banter between the three taps. Then we take it home with Shock Top introducing the featured speaker, who went on to talk about the 2018 trade plans alluded to at the beginning of the video.

Flexible Video

This short Labatt Brewery video is an example of a novel approach to introducing a speaker at a conference. These events can be dry, but the client wanted to play up the fun aspect of their product. Many of the videos we created for this series were light-hearted and even a little silly. When Key West Video produces internal-facing projects, there’s often more room to try something unusual or test run a new technique. We had a lot of fun bringing these characters to life and the client was thrilled with the results.

If you’d like to try something new for your next conference, give Key West Video a call today.

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