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Christmas may come at the end of December, but for tech lovers, it’s January that holds all the magic. From January 9-12, Las Vegas hosted CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show. With more than four thousand exhibitors this year, the convention showcased everything from the latest in drone technology to programmable toilets. Each blog entry this week will take a look at one segment featured at the show. Today we take a closer look at CES concept cars.

Byton debuts SIV

You’ve heard of an SUV, but what about an SIV? Byton, an automotive start-up based in China and conducting research out of California, showcased a Smart Intuitive Vehicle at CES this year. Features included semi-autonomous driving, facial recognition technology, seamless connectivity to smart devices and gesture controls.

CES concept cars
Dashboard screen in Byton’s SIV

This car is a looker with a sleek exterior and luxurious interior. Rather than side view mirrors, the concept car has side view cameras and a whole host of screens for the driver and passengers alike. This electric crossover model could be available for purchase in North America by 2020.

Toyota e-Palette

The Toyota e-Palette is a fully autonomous electric vehicle that’s essentially a box with eight wheels. What you do with that box is up to you. Fill it with shelves to create a mobile store. Fill it with seats for a bus. What about putting in a couple of couches that convert to beds? Instant hotel! Devoid of a steering wheel, pedals or gearshift, it’s ready to be whatever you need it to be; a real urban transportation transformer.

Toyota has formed a sort of think tank with participation from Amazon, Uber and Pizza Hut and a few other players. These giants of ride-sharing, e-commerce and food delivery will contribute ideas and support to take e-Palette beyond concept and see it through to fruition. The e-Palette is due to be put to work at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Electra Meccanica SOLO

CES concept cars
The SOLO is a ride built for one

In Canada, 74% of us drive to work and most of us do it solo. That’s a lot of stress on the environment, not to mention our wallets. Electra Meccanica, a Canadian-based designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles, believe they’ve developed the ultimate commuter car in the SOLO.

This compact single-seat electric car packs a lot of features into a small space. With a nearly 180-kilometer range on a single charge, the SOLO is highway legal and HOV-approved. Front and rear trunks provide storage options. Set to ship by the end of the year, the SOLO will retail for $15,500 US.

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