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Why Colour Correction Is So Important In Corporate Video

Colour correction, also known as colour grading, can do wonders for your corporate video.

Colour correction is often the difference between a strikingly vibrant video with strong contrast and sharp hues, and a dull video with low contrast, low brightness, and mediocre image quality.

Photo credit: Alessandro S. Alba via / CC BY-NC-SAWhen it comes to shooting people on screen, it’s important to match their natural skin tone with the skin tone reflected on screen as much as possible. No matter the tone of their skin or hue of their flesh, video falls along a narrow range of skin tone and it’s almost imperative that skin tones be adjusted to match real life.

Colour correcting is also essential in matching shots. Say, for example, your shots between two different rooms in a training video have different natural light (affecting the light reflected on your subjects) – you will need to colour correct in order to create a congruent, harmonious tone/texture that is seamless. This is bound to happen when production lasts for days, weeks, or months. No matter what, you will not be able to capture the same lighting or aperture twice when moving from location to location. In the editing room, colour correction is necessary when two shots are shot in different lighting.

Why Colour Correction Is So Important In Corporate Video
Photo credit: Alessandro S. Alba via / CC BY-NC-SA

Colour correction also helps with colour balancing after the fact. After all, we’re human, and sometimes we forget to white balance our cameras before a shoot, making our shots overexposed and ultimately too white. Colour correction helps to balance the shot by degreed filters and can minimize a “washed out” look.

For those with experimental corporate video, sometimes colour correcting can mean adding filters onto your video to achieve a certain “look”. Depending on the type of video you’re shooting, you can use colour correction as an overarching filter over your video to achieve a consistent aesthetic.

Here at Key West Video, we prioritize our clients’ needs to make sure their content looks as professional as possible. For more information on our post-production services, visit our website today!

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