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Why Colour Grading Is Vital To Corporate Video Production

Don’t be fooled – colour grading is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating stunning quality in corporate photography and video production.

Colour grading is literally just that – grading colour. Sometimes used interchangeably with the term, “colour correcting”, it is a tool often used to magnify, amplify and augment either still images or video content to brighten the visual. In a film, it’s meant to alter or enhance a motion picture or image either electronically, digitally, or photo-chemically.

Typically, grading is done by colour types: primary and secondary.

With primary colours, the colour density for red, blue and green colour channels are covered across the entire frame. With secondary colours, they are used to isolate a specific hue (or hues), the saturation, and the brightness of the image.

Why Colour Grading Is Vital To Corporate Video Production
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When it comes to non-linear editing, often times video content can be corrected for colour within the software. Video editing software such as Adobe After Effects has built-in colouring adjustments that make it easy for any colourist (video editor) to colour grade. The levels and curves effects help to create a cinematic look and can either be adjusted to add or take away from a digital feel. Oftentimes, grading colour is used to create a more old-school, grainy film-like look to the tone and overall aesthetic of a film.

In corporate video, however, grading colour is used to really bring out high contrast in the video. What we often find is that indoor corporate offices exude a lot of secondary and tertiary colours and shadows. Apart from whites and blacks, there a lot of cool (or slate) greys, and tend to lack vibrant, primary colours. Colour grading is an amazing way to adjust video content, brighten up your subjects, and really give a project life.

Check out this cool tutorial!

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