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The Most Neglected Components Of Corporate Video Making

Ever wondered why nobody talks about the lesser-known components of video-making (like lighting or PA-ing)?

That’s because these components are just about the least glamourous jobs one can possibly have.

The Most Neglected Components Of Corporate Video Making
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There is a misconception that filmmaking is easy. Though it’s a fun way to tell a story, it’s not all glitz and glamour. Sure, there are cool jobs like directing and producing. But what about the less talked about jobs that help bring films together? Here we address some of the least popular parts to making a video or film:


Definitely not high on the list, wardrobe is probably one of the biggest headaches on set. Wardrobe is responsible for every minute detail of a shoot for both principal talent and extras. They are responsible for ‘fitting’ vouchers and making sure all clothes items are organized and accounted for. It’s basically an H&M changeroom x1000. Nevertheless, it’s still a vital part of the process. Depending on the shoot, wardrobe can either make or break the look of a set.

Makeup artists

Makeup is already tricky artistic business. Not every makeup artist can necessarily do makeup for on-camera. There is a small, subtle different in the way makeup must be done to look good with lights and sweat once the camera starts rolling. It also involves touching people’s faces and having to make *gulp* small talk.


People often underestimate just how important proper lighting is in film. Lighting adds to a story and can make a signficant difference in how people on camera can look. Bad lighting can make darker skin tones look either washed out or not seen at all. Good lighting can be an artistic journey in itself. It’s a job within a job.


Arguably one of the lonelier jobs, editing is also a less glamorous (but absolutely vital) part of film. They say that films are actually made in the editing suites. You’ll spend a lot of zoned-out, alone time configuring footage and organizing shots. What many don’t realize is that good edits are actually orchestrated in pre-production. The more precise you are with your shots, the more your editor has to work with. After all, you don’t want too many close-ups from one angle only to realize you don’t have enough from another.

PA (Production Assistant)

Definitely the lowest on the totem pole. A PA is a producer’s assistant. They do literally anything that is required of them from helping the DOP to carrying/loading equipment to grabbing coffee. For those new to the industry, it’s great hands-on set experience.

Never forget that these jobs are essential components of your video or film. Here at Key West Video, we value all of our team players in video production. For more info on our services or portfolio, visit our website today!

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