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The Benefits of Corporate Video: The door-to-door Digital Salesperson

The Internet has changed the way corporations do business and everyday new Internet connected devices improve upon the ability to connect people and potential clients to a company’s website. The speed and bandwidth used today makes homepages come up so lighting fast customers can miss sales pitches and surf by without even knowing what a business is really about and what that business can offer them. It is now that a well executed professional “About Us” corporate video is just as effective as a door-to-door salesperson…

KEYWEST VIDEO (January 16, 2013 – Toronto) – As professional video production costs have become more reasonable businesses are beginning to adopt video as a primary method of communicating with their customers and potential clients. Corporate video has become a marketing media tool of choice for two reasons:  video is engaging and more importantly is persuasive. A Corporate Video Overview is an excellent tool that a business can use to help improve awareness and familiarity. It can include all essential company information along with previous customer reviews in less than minute or two. The quicker and clearer a business can inform the public the better their ability to lead customers to seek them out.

A company introductive type corporate video is a popular package option at Keywest that will increase your growth potential. Our company profile videos are the audio and visual equivalent of the ‘company brochure’ for all sized companies. The end result will give new visitors to your website a better idea of your company.

Keywest’s corporate videos typically feature company history, key products, selling points, executive addresses and delivery of other top level business information.  In addition nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing your customer (ideally in their own environment) commend your products and services and explaining how your company helped them. These videos clips usually run from seconds to minutes and help build trust. Also such testimonial elements are typically combined with or used to support other marketing materials.

As professional video production costs have become more reasonable and popularity increases you will start to see companies implement multiple and more targeted video.  In today’s multi-media world the website “About Us” is a visual presentation that is the first tool to capture business when people land on your home page. Creative, professional producers at Keywest make your job easy. Keywest offers you the control, with our expertise and knowledge to create and promote outstanding videos.

About Keywest Video

At Keywest, we have 20 years in the business, work for the Fortune 500, and have won 9 Consumer Choice Awards. We cater to clients worldwide. Corporate Video Production is a specialized profession that is not our only focus. We offer Training, Website Videos, Animation, Commercial Production, Event Planning, Photography Services, Videographer Services Seminar and Conference Media Solutions. At Keywest we strive to solve your biggest challenges with amazing video.

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Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -The Benefits of Corporate Video
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -The Benefits of Corporate Video

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