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Given the current climate of the world, a lot of employees are under a lot of stress. Employee appreciation is a great way to boost spirits, retain your top talent, and motivate your team during these difficult times.

Here are some ways you can appreciate your employees.

Celebrate Birthdays

This is a great way to show employee appreciation. Get them a cake, or host a virtual birthday party if people are working remotely. Birthdays are already a special day for most people so why not make it even better with a little birthday celebration!

Thank you notes

Thank you notes are definitely NOT dead. Especially when they’re handwritten and individualized to your employee. It shows an amount of care and effort that can’t be communicated in an email. The effort you went to, to pick out the card, sit down, think and write out a thank you is translated clearly when your employee receives their card.

Employment Anniversaries

Work anniversaries are a great way to recognize your employee’s contribution to their team! Some ideas you can toy with are putting together a slide show of memories, releasing some fo their impressive performance stats or having other employees say a few words! We never forget birthdays and wedding anniversaries so why forget a work one?

Team Retreats

Team retreats are a great way to show employee appreciation and team build! Nice dinners, escape rooms, and theme parks are a great way for employees to get away from their desks and get moving. Team retreats allow your staff to have fun as friends instead of coworkers.

Employee Appreciation Snacks

This one is pretty self-explanatory and the way to anyone’s heart is food if you ask us. Appreciate your employees with a bagel morning or a pizza lunch! Having food and snacks around the office is a small reminder to employees that you care.

What is one of the ways your employer has made you feel appreciated in the past?

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