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The glow up trend has been around for awhile now. The idea is to show off a mental, physical, and emotional transition for the better. This kind of personal promotion has gotten some negative attention for being based on appearance, but we think it can be a real positive when applied to a business. As we all know, a series of before and after pics can be truly satisfying. So if you’ve spent a lot of time, money, or effort—maybe all three!—making your business look better, why not show it off? As we officially move into step 2 of reopening in Ontario, celebrate your transformation to draw people back to your business.

Guided Tour

It seems that most businesses have used the pandemic to change things up. That may include a foray into ecommerce or offering of new products. So much time with an empty store also inspired businesses to take on improvement projects. Does your space look different than it did in early 2020? From deep cleans to major renovations, show off your hard work! Try using a customer perspective by walking in the front door and proceeding through the store, stopping to look at each section. This setup works especially well for a smaller retail space. In a larger store, you could tour departments separately and even make individual glow up videos that run daily for a week. Let returning customers know about changes and entice new customers with a store that’s full of great finds.

glow up business
Show off store improvements

Product Placement

If you have a great selection of products, now is their time to shine. Did you create a new display highlighting a brand that’s a major seller? Or maybe you finally completed a deep dive inventory that revealed some old favourites? We’re guessing that you’ve taken the time to make sure products are easy to find and grab in anticipation of returning customers. Creating a glow up video can attract the attention of people who have been anxiously awaiting the chance to buy the products they’ve been missing.

What’s New?

new product
Showcase new products and services

If a pandemic glow up includes a new machine, attraction, or service, make sure everyone knows about it. Did you upgrade the espresso machine in your coffee shop? Have you added a shellac service to your nail bar? Is your salon now featuring a stylist with special skills? All of these changes can be promoted in a glow up video. So many people are excited to be able to finally take advantage of the services we’ve given up during the pandemic and we want to know what’s out there!

Location Change

The pandemic has resulted in a lot of transformations. Some are personal, and some are business-related. If you’re a small business owner, they may be a combination of both. Regardless of the size of your business, the last 15 months may have resulted in a location change. A glow up video can flaunt a new or additional store. Let loyal customers know you’ve moved shop and tell residents in your new area that you’re open for business. Whether it was an upsize or a downsize, a new space is something to celebrate.

New Logo, Who Dis?

A shift in branding during the pandemic is definitely an occasion for a glow up video. A direct comparison of how your business used to look versus the way you look now is the very definition of a glow up! Show the enhancements you’ve made to your logo, the website improvements, or the new colour scheme. Another advantage of displaying old and new is that you can help people see the transition and understand that it’s the same business they know and love, but now it’s better than ever.

Get Glowing Reviews

Customers are excited to be able to return to stores and businesses as pandemic restrictions ease. Whether you’re speaking to long-time customers or trying to attract a new audience, a glow up video can be the tipping point. Give people a reason to check out your goods and services by showing off some improvements. The Key West Video team can capture your best features and help you create a memorable video. Remember that we also shoot still images that can be used on your website or for other marketing purposes. It’s time to let everyone know that you’re open for business.

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