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GoPro Revolutionizes Video!

If you have yet to hear about this compact camera you must be living under a rock in the bushes somewhere. In that case you probably have some really interesting scenery around you and therefore should pick one up yourself.

The GoPro, as its name implies, was designed as a simple and effective way for amateur videographers to capture those never before seen shots from every angle imaginable through an ultra-light and portable device. The concept stemmed from Nicholas Woodsman’s desire to film his surfing expeditions through an up-close and personal perspective, and to capture exactly what he saw and felt while riding Australia’s infamous waves. Since the camera’s debut in 2004 its sales have continued to skyrocket with each passing year, with an astonishing 2.3 million cameras sold in 2012 alone. The GoPro has broken the boundaries of action photography and film.

Why So Popular?

The need to document the extraordinary is inherent in us all. When GoPros burst onto the scene they were used predominantly by sports enthusiasts who wanted to showcase how they were pushing boundaries through video. One of the main reasons why so many individuals decided to start using this device was not only its small nature, or even the wide range of accessories that allow you to mount it for hands-free use, but the price. For around $400 you could capture a moment in time that only National Geographic was showcasing to the population before. To top it all off it doesn’t sacrifice quality either.

No Longer Just for Jocks

What is so interesting about these devices is that they are now being picked up and utilized by corporate video producers as well. Not only are the GoPros great for sports fans or amateur videographers, but they are a great alternative to expensive video equipment and therefore professional companies are realizing their potential as well. When looking to get that one unique shot from high in the corner of the room, or from the side view of a moving vehicle, or a shopping cart in a supermarket, the GoPro allows for endless possibilities.

Due to the quality of footage that these cameras are able to output, corporate video producers are utilizing it alongside professionally shot footage with little post clean up needed. This allows for corporate videos to have that little bit of an edge that clients are looking for, while still maintaining their professional image. Also because of the affordability of the camera itself and its array of accessories, even if the footage isn’t useful at least it makes videographers step out of their comfort zone and experiment.

As previously stated, the GoPro is much smaller than any professional camera and even most home video cameras. This makes it much easier to get shots you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to capture. It allows for perspectives that you would never otherwise achieve. Check out the video below that recently exploded on the Internet. With over 6.5 million views, there is a reason why we can’t stop talking about these great little devices which give videographers the opportunity to capture the otherwise unimaginable.

Keywest Video recently bought a GoPro for ourselves and are excited to see what kinds of interesting shots we can get!

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - GoPro
Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – GoPro

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