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Green screen shoots don’t have to look cheesy.

Keywest Video now offers in house green screen production services. We often encounter clients that require video for commercial or online use, but they don’t have a facility capable of accommodating a large scale production.

Green screen shoots are a great solution to this problem, especially when the desired product is an interview or address to camera. As you can see in our vlog post this week, the replacement backgrounds don’t have to be silly or distracting.

Green screen techniques are also used by professional photographers, usually when faced with insurmountable weather challenges. You can read more about that in this great blog post on

There is a preconceived notion about green screen shoots, that the backgrounds are often odd or unsettling to the viewer. Our perspective on this is to keep the backgrounds simple and un-polarizing.

The goal of a replacement background should be to provide some clean lines and texture to complement the interview footage, that’s all. The best way of doing this is to emulate a real environment by using real photos or video, as opposed to a digitally created imagery.

Green Screen
Here is a digital background (top image) compared to a photo shot for green screen use (bottom image).

As you can see in the image above, synthetic backgrounds tend to look more “cheesy”. Ideally, the composition of the background shouldn’t even cross the viewers mind. If it does, they have lost track of your intended message. Using clean and simple photos of corporate locations lend the subtle thought that you have a beautiful facility, without distracting the audience.

That being said, not all synthetic background images are created equal. There are many sites that license animated and static background images for this purpose. If you’d like to browse some potential replacement backgrounds for your next project, check out the files available here on

Follow us on instagram for sneak peaks at some of our recent in-studio productions. If you’re considering a green screen studio shoot for your next corporate video project, contact us at Keywest Video and request a quote today!

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