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Last week, ProductionHub released a list of the top hotspots for video production – touting Houston, TX as number three.

We’re all aware of the media (film & TV) hotspots when it comes to North American cities. Los Angeles. New York. Toronto. Vancouver. Maybe even Atlanta.

But who would have thought that Houston would be considered a viable hub for video content?

According to ProductionHub, a global network for crew and vendors in the film and TV industry, more and more production companies are heading towards the southern state due to its corporate landscape.

Do #CorporateVideo Hotspots Actually Exist?
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“Many production companies that had traditionally placed all their eggs in the Hollywood or New York City baskets are now exploring the possibilities for shooting pilots and films in other, very appealing, markets such as Houston,” says spokeswoman Lauren Leetun.

“Available labor, talented production professionals, government incentives and a less-crowded marketplace have become very attractive to movie and TV producers, as you might expect.”

It leads one to wonder what this means for the state of video production.

Though the article particularly references film and television, this can also be applied to virtually any corporate video production house as well. The more studios and on-set locations there are, the more opportunities and resources there are for production crews from all media backgrounds.

As the need for corporate video content becomes more and more demanding, this is great news for production companies looking to expand.

According to this list, previously untouched gems such as Atlanta and San Francisco take the lead, while cities like Orlando and Baltimore trail behind.

Surprisingly enough, LA comes at 6th place just before Denver and Miami.

One reason could be tax incentives. For many American companies, it’s a lot cheaper to shoot and edit (or even outsource post-production) on Canadian soil. With Vancouver being a hotspot for post-production (i.e. computer graphics/animation, VFX etc.) and Toronto having a similar landscape to places like New York or Chicago, it only makes sense the Hollywood production companies are flying up north for their bread and butter.

Here at Key West Video, we frequently cross our borders to accommodate our clients. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today.

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