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Are Instagram Videos Enough To Grow Your Brand?

Instagram videos have become somewhat of a phenomenon.

In fact, it might be safe to say that Instagram videos have changed the game.

By now, we all are very much aware of the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way we communicate completely.

Instagram videos have become instrumental for brands looking to reach younger audiences. Apart from annoying ads, corporate brands have capitalized on the art of online marketing.

Are Instagram Videos Enough To Grow Your Brand?
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Instagram-famous people, usually known for their “pretty” aesthetic, are often approached by brands to promote their products or services. This usually involves a fixed amount of money per post (or picture).

But what about videos?

Corporate brands are now encouraging users to promote their product with actual videos. For some companies, this means Instagram models modelling new strapless pasty bras. For others, it’s personal fitness trainers using a company’s fitness gear in their workout videos. In many ways, this is a smart move for brands to take advantage of users with already built-in audiences.

But what about brands trying to build an organic audience from scratch?

They often say that there is at least one social media outlet that a brand excels at. For some, it’s Facebook pages. For others, it’s an overactive Twitter account. And for brands dedicated to having a pretty aesthetic, it’s Instagram.

If you’re a brand who has a strong presence on other social media platforms, you can use them to bolster your Instagram following by linking to your account. Instagram videos, usually spanning to about 1 minute, can be great for introducing your audience to new product, for speaking directly to them or creating a beautiful one-minute body of work. But for brands looking to send a longer message, it just might not be enough. One course of action could be creating longer form creative video for Facebook, then creating a condensed version for the ‘gram and Twitter.

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