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Why Camera Lens Filters In Corporate Video Are So Important

Ever wonder what the big deal is with Instagram filters? They usually provide an extra aesthetic that augments the quality of the image.

Well, camera lens filters are no different.

If we’re going to take filtering your pictures, however, we’re going to need to identify what they are and why they’re important. Many camera operators and photographers would agree that camera lens filters are most often used as lens protectors. Filters do in fact protect your camera from dust (or any other weird particles floating in the atmosphere), but it also serves another purpose: to improve image quality.

Why Camera Lens Filters In Corporate Video Are So Important
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One of the most basic filters are UV filters. As suggested by the name, the absorb ultraviolet light. Most digital sensors in camera are more sensitive than the human eye and are ultimately more susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays.

UV filters, otherwise known as Haze filters, cut through ambiance, dullness, and air pollutants. Depending on what you’re shooting, the filters can come in different UV filtration. And depending on the strength of the filter, the filters can be clear or warm and almost ambient-looking.

One alternative to Haze filters are Skylight filters. Unlike Haze filters with an ambient look, Skylight filters have more of a magenta tint and are ideal when shooting different skin tones (due to film stock’s natural tendency to be blue, the magenta balances out the colours to even out the skin tone).

Another choice is polarizing filters, often used to darken bright backgrounds like skies and landscapes, manage reflections, or darken glare from the sun reflected on bodies of water or snow. Typically, they consist of a thin layer of color film (or polarizing material) pressed between two layers of glass.

Similar to apps like Instagram (and Snapchat and even Facebook, now), camera lens filters are created to augment the image to get a certain desired aesthetic.

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