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Should You Invest In A Music Composer For Your Corporate Video?

A good music composer can make or break a corporate video.

A music composer is typically someone who is in charge of a film’s musical score.

He or she creates the underlying music to an accompanying body of visual work. This is often called background music, a movie’s soundtrack, or a background score. It usually includes a compilation of sound effects, dialogue from characters, and a certain amount of orchestral sounds (called cues).

Usually, in collaboration with the director, producer, on-location sound recordists, and sound engineers, a music composer will work with a production to create a strong sound score that reflects the tone of the piece. It adds dimension to the film’s overall aesthetic and feel.

In other words, a good music composer adds depth to a body of work.

Should You Invest In A Music Composer For Your Corporate Video?
Photo credit: Dukas.Ju via / CC BY-NC

In corporate video, there isn’t much of a difference. Often times, corporate companies are looking to send a message through a story. They are trying to garner a response from a viewer. They want you to have some sort of reaction on a visceral, intellectual, or even primal level.

The biggest companies know this. It’s why we can practically hear the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle when we see the golden arches. It’s why we gravitate towards the upbeat piano compositions over little children opening their happy meals, despite the fact that we know McDonald’s isn’t the healthiest food option available.

A composer knows that the music must sonically reflect a company’s brand. It must motivate, inspire, engage, or extract something from those who come into contact with it. And sometimes, it can cost a pretty penny (anything from $300-600 per minute).

For smaller companies with significantly smaller budgets, it can be tough shelling out that sort of money when you’re first starting out. However, there are ways you can get by without musical composition. There is a myriad of online resources available to smaller companies/start-ups looking to add royalty-free music to their corporate videos. Post-production editors are able to incorporate specific sounds into a video.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating the best corporate videos – both visually and sonically. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today.

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