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Here at Key West Video, we understand the importance of our office environment. It needs to be conducive not only to hard work, focus, and results, but also creativity, innovation, and fun!

_MG_1473An office environment says a lot about a #company. It can tell you whether working with that company will be straightforward and regimented, or whether the #staff is lighthearted and lively. We try to push our #office space to fall into the latter category.

Not only due to the nature of our work, but also our individual personalities, we think it is best to germinate a specific vibe in our office. This feeling that we are going for is one that forges a space for #creative thought, individual reflection, and peace of mind. Check out some of the ways we do that below!


_MG_1468We are all aware that good health fosters many positive side effects. But we may forget just how important a healthy body is to increasing #productivity in an office environment. While many of us spend a significant portion of our day sitting in front of a computer, we don’t realize the negative impact this has on our body.

Julie Boehike wrote an article on entitled ‘How Does Exercise Improve Productivity’. The article speaks to the benefits, including alertness, energy, improving mental and physical health, and illness prevention, which all are great reasons to find ways to bring exercise into the office.

We have a small trampoline in our #production office. Whenever any of us are feeling the need for a little pick me up, instead of grabbing a cup of java we hit the tramp for a jump. As Julie says, “when you exercise, you are also increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and make you more ready to tackle your next big project”. So we are not only helping shed the pounds, but sharpen our minds too!


_MG_1472Our team has had the pleasure to travel all over North America for work. We have gone as far west as Vancouver, as far north as Fort McMurray, as far east as Halifax, and as far south as North Carolina. So we thought it would be nice to put up a map in our office, not only because it looks cool, but so we can reflect on the distances we have traveled.

It is also a great way to see the potential that is out there in this big world. We regularly take the time to stand around and talk about the exotic destinations that our ideal job would take us next.

This form of reflection is a nice change from the hectic pace of our busy lives. Taking this time is essential. You can get so caught up in work, that it is nice sometimes to strike up a conversation, take your mind off of things, and then hit the ground running when you get back to your desk.


_MG_1474When we moved #locations in October 2014 we not only got a larger office space, but we built a #studio too. Our studio space has insulation to help block out noise, and is painted black to block out any light. Therefore it is not only the perfect studio to film in, but as some of us have found, it is the perfect place to conduct an afternoon #meditation session in as well.

A few employees have developed a regular habit of closing the door, turning off the lights, and putting on a 5 to 10 minute YouTube guided meditation session during their lunch hour. It helps them unwind from the events that have taken place already that day, and gear them up for everything to come in the second half of the afternoon.

Meditation, our map or ‘water-cooler’ space, and the trampoline all provide different outlets for decompression and allow staff in the office to re-energize themselves. We all spend more time at the office then we do with our loves ones at home on a daily basis. Therefore we think it’s important to foster an office space that allows each team member to feel at home. If one or any of the techniques described above help our staff then we are happy.

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