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Projection mapping

Do you know when something is larger than life? That expression is suited to projection mapping, also known as video mapping or spatial-augmented reality. It’s like 3D without the annoying glasses. This technology can transform any surface into a moving, changing, entrancing scene.

What is Projection Mapping?

projection mapping
Any surface is capable of being used.

A projector project’s an image onto a flat and usually white surface. Projection mapping can mold to the surface upon which it’s projected. Images wrapped onto a 3D graphic model of the surface, let’s say a building. The image is mapped over the building’s facades, making the image look as if they’re part of the structure.

When projection mapping first appeared almost fifteen years ago, it was mostly seen in visual arts and live music—projection mapping used for all sorts of marketing stunts. From show premieres to award introductions to product promotions, it’s an attention-grabbing choice.

Why Use Projection Mapping?

  • VERSATILITY. You don’t need a flat surface for the projection. You can dress up the facade of a building to match your event.
  • NOVELTY. Projecting 3D images and videos play with the minds and eyes of your audience. A presentation is engaging and interactive.
  • PORTABILITY. Indoor or outdoor use of small, portable projectors make presentations anywhere, anytime possible. Content can be changed and installed on the same projectors, too.
  • WOW, FACTOR. Projection mapping creates an impact! It’s like witnessing an optical illusion and being immersed in the visuals.
Projection mapping
WOW factor

Examples of Note

Projection mapping has become more affordable over the years. However, it’s still not cheap, and the amount of time it takes to plan and execute a project can be significant. For that reason, stunts tend to be substantial. Here are a couple of stunning examples.

Sydney Opera House façade projection

Target Halloween Projection Mapping

Video by Any Other Name.

Projection mapping is refreshing, to be sure. But it’s only one of the many ways a video can enhance your presentation. If you’re looking to put a wow factor on your business, call Key West Video today for a free quote.

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