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We’ve been stuck in our homes for over three months, and finally, cases are beginning to dwindle, so we’re preparing for our return to the office. In Ontario, our cases have dropped a great deal, and stage 3 of our re-opening may be coming sooner than we think.

At Key West Video, we’re preparing to return to the office after over three months of flex schedules and remote working. Even though cases have gone down, we still need to make sure we’re keeping our employees and clients safe. Here are some of the ways we plan to stay safe.

Hand Sanitizer

Each of our employees has been provided with a bottle of hand sanitizer to ensure we’re continually killing germs. The bottles don’t leave our designated workspaces. We’ve also placed hand sanitizer at each of the entry points.


At Key West Video, we like to do everything in style. Well, we try. That’s why to help the spread of COVID -19 and keep our employees stylish; we got ourselves some Key West Video Masks! Each of our employees will be given one mask (one for each day of the week), so they can wash and reuse them as they please!


We have stocked up on plenty of disinfectant wipes. We’re going to implement a cleaning regimen that would make it imperative that every employee wipes down desks and doorknobs at the end of every day. If we use facilities like the microwave and fridge, we’ll have to wipe those down as well.

Physical Distancing

This one seems like the obvious one, but we’re going to be keeping our physical distance from each other. Thanks to communication devices like Slack, we will be able to discuss whatever we need!

Temperature Checks

This measure isn’t going to be a daily occurrence, but we have a touch less thermometer on deck in case. There’s no such thing as being too safe during these times.

We’re excited to get back to the office, but safety comes first. Are you returning to the office any time soon? What kind of precautions are you taking?

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