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When you work at a desk all day, staying active might not be your priority. Did you know there are real health risks associated with a desk job? Sitting affects your posture, mental health, and your stress levels and could contribute to cardiovascular diseases or carpal tunnel. Let’s not forget the wretched blue light from computers and the tiredness we feel from staring at screens all day.

staying active at a desk job
Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Stand Up Regularly

This one is pretty easy. Try to stand for at least one minute every hour you’re at your desk. This will get the blood flowing again and stimulate your brain. If you want to take a step further, you can even try using a standing desk! If you can adjust your desk to your height you can switch between standing and sitting.


Give your muscles a light workout by stretching through the day. This will also take your mind off your work for a bit and give you some time to regroup, re-energize, and tackle the next task. Take a look at some desk exercises here! 

Find Opportunities to Move

Can you bike or walk to work? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park a little further! If you can find little opportunities to get some more movement in, take advantage! This may not seem like a lot at the moment, but the activity adds up.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Staying Active on Your Break

If you have a gym close to work, try to use your break as an opportunity to hit the gym! If you have a park nearby, try to take a stroll in the park. Gather some co-workers and go on a group walk as a break! There are so many ways that you can stay active, and if you bring some friends, you can improve the company culture as well.

Staying physically active even during a desk job is highly relevant. Make sure to take your breaks, and keep moving!

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