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Interactive video has made its claim in the market by bridging the gap in live-action and animation.

At its core, interactive video allows users to engage with video content. It has become abundantly clear in past research that we are more engaged by visual images over print. Interactive video has found a way to surpass the visual medium by actively engaging participants in an experience they won’t forget.

Video marketing has solidified what many have been hypothesizing for years; that users are more inclined to be drawn to visuals more so than audio or text. And now with the influx of interaction online, content creators have found a way to actively engage their audiences.



In order to ensure successful interaction, one obvious method is to cater to your audience. By studying your audience’s analytics (e.g. online habits or demographic), it’s easy to tailor what sort of interaction to create. For example, is your product aimed at children or stay at home moms? What are their viewing habits? Where in the world are they located?

Based off of this, it becomes easier to decide on how your consumers will interact with your brand.  The next step would be deciding specifically on how to tap into that audience. When catering to children, perhaps you can feature child-like animations. This approach would look a lot different for stay-at-home mothers.

Interactive video also makes it easier to help your audience understand your brand. Potential clients get a deeper insight as to how your product or service works, how dedicated you are to making the best quality possible, and ultimately who or what you are.

And it doesn’t need to be highly technical. YouTube caught on to a soon-to-be popular marketing trends and created an easy marketing model. By rolling out YouTube Annotations, they created a simple, yet effective way to link to off-site websites.

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