Robbie Rist: Star Spotlight

 The year was 1974 and #TheBradyBunch was in its 5th and finale season……all because of one pint-sized shaggy-haired little boy. Or so the argument goes. This week we bring you the star spotlight of Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist – Innocent or Evil?

Robert Anthony, “Robbie” Rist, was born in Los Angeles, California in 1964. He began his acting career as #CousinOliver in “The Brady Bunch”, a beloved television classic. Brought in to #Boost #Ratings and add to the #CutenessFactor of the show, his character only remained in what would be the final 6 episodes of the series.

One wonders, was it really not all his fault?

Viewers quickly learned that Robbie Rist’s character was a #jinx and, as he put it, “wherever I go, terrible things happen.”

Many blame Robbie Rist for the cancellation of The Brady Bunch, but regardless of numerous reports denying his guilt, he is forever remembered of the #CursedBrady. He became part of a growing trend in the 70s and 80’s, adding a cute character in an effort to boost a shows ratings, known as #CousinOliverSyndrome or #AddAKid.

Although he went on to pursue a semi-successful career as a #VoiceActor and #Musician, many cant get his devilish Dutch boy hairstyle #ScreenPersona out of their minds. He was never invited back to any of the #BradyBunchReunions.

Robbie Rist charmed our television screens for all of the 6 episodes he was on, before we realized he came with an adorable curse. The tale of Robbie Rist is not unique to television. Beware, for when your #Sitcom brings in an adorable, delectable, innocent young addition to your #Cast, it simply may be the #Sequel to the #CurseOfCousinOliver.

Check out what this pint sized actor looks like now. Who would have guessed that the blonde cutie who brought down one of the most family friendly shows on television would turn into this:

Robbie Rist


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Using Video in Social Media

Social media marketing is largely dependent upon visual content. By incorporating a visual, be it an image or video, you are more likely to increase exposure, thereby resulting in a click, and hopefully a conversion.

Incorporate video into your social media marketing campaign to increase exposure.

Incorporate video into your social media marketing campaign to increase exposure.

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. Since online video is naturally and rapidly becoming a first choice for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, it can be an essential tool for your business’ internet marketing strategy.

“It is naturally engaging and, in an age of information overload, it’s vital for small businesses to offer content that is easy to digest; if not, consumers will simply move on. Video does this very well. If a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million, so say Forrester’s researchers.”
The Guardian

Being that video production is an investment, you’ll want to maximize your return on your investment (as you would any other). The best way to increase your return on investment in this instance is to promote your video using social media and gain as much exposure (and conversions) as possible. By utilizing the plethora of social media platforms out there, it is easier than ever to reach your target audience and give them the information they’re looking for – all with a few clicks.

As a business owner, it is important to find out which social media platforms your target audience frequents the most. If your target market is spending most of their time on platforms such as Vine or Instagram for example, you’ll want to create much shorter videos – between 6 and 15 seconds – to accommodate the restraints of these platforms. If your target audience is more likely to be seen sharing posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you could consider creating a slightly longer video that people are likely to share with their friends/followers.

Are you interested in creating video for your social media marketing needs? Contact Keywest today!

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Company Profile Video Production

A company profile video is an excellent way to showcase your business, facilities, and employees. It can be used as an effective tool for everything from promotion and marketing to human resources.

Instead of pushing your potential clients and employees to peruse your website’s text and photos for information about your company, why not show them what you’re all about by producing an upbeat, engaging, and informative company profile video?

The video montage above features some of our recent company profile videos. If you’d like to see more, you can always check out our YouTube channel. There you can find several examples of completed projects and much more.

A company profile video way can be an effective means of conveying your workplace atmosphere by showcasing employee and client interactions. You can display anything from customer satisfaction to workplace amenities, or any other aspects you’re interested in illustrating – the possibilities are endless.

Include interviews within your company profile videos to generate a personal connection.

Include interviews within your company profile videos to generate a personal connection.

Company profile videos that include interviews are beneficial since they provide the viewer with insight into the employees and their views. Consider snippets from different employees with varying responsibilities within your company – this can achieve produce a well-rounded image of your business and what exactly your staff have to offer.

Put your best foot forward! Got a fun workplace? Why not show it off?

Put your best foot forward! Got a fun workplace? Why not show it off?

Including “fun” shots, such as employees joking or having fun, as just as important to your company profile video when portraying a welcoming and light workplace environment. Consider including some candid interaction or footage of your employees during downtime.

Finding it difficult to succinctly explain exactly what it is you do and what your business has to offer? Consider an exciting and upbeat company profile video that not only conveys all of the necessary information, but also informs the viewer. Contact us here at Keywest for your future video production needs!

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Politicians Aspire Viral Video Fame

Our world is changing. Why shouldn’t our politicians change with it?


Politicians have the taxing duty of not only coming off as professional and well educated, but we now expect them to be personable and relevant as well. While there is no direct correlation between politicians going viral and getting elected, we all know it doesn’t hurt, right?

It was said that Obama won the 2008 presidential election due to his connection with the people, and his ability to make himself relatable, thus bringing in the younger audience vote.

Between Two Ferns, a web video series on Funny or Die, pokes fun at low budget interview style shows, by emphasizing their lack of set dressing, lack of research or knowledge about the guest, and the host’s, Zach Galifianakis, overall lack of enthusiasm or interest for being there. And yet somehow, they were able to hook up with the President of the United States to be a guest on their show. The result was viral video gold. Currently the video sits at just over 8.8 million views on youtbube alone. Check out the link below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Obama is his charming self, taking the punches from Zach with grace, and not holding back with his own. He also takes the opportunity to plug his own interests, obviously. Here is what others have to say about this performance.

“In a bid to encourage young people to sign up for health insurance, President Barack Obama stopped by Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns comedy show”. - Time

“Works pretty well not only as a pitch for, which gets an extensive plug, but also as an episode of Between Two Ferns.” -

While Obama was not up for re-election during the time this video was taped (March 2014), through the use of this viral video he was however able to plug a matter which he greatly cares about. He essentially was able to make an uninteresting topic, and a project of his which received a lot of flack due to its early mishaps (read more about it here), and turn it into something lighthearted, while gracefully accepting the challenges he faced with the program he was pushing. Bottom line, many more people are now aware of just what is.

There are however, many politicians who try to be as sleek and cool as Obama always is with his viral videos, but unfortunately didn’t hit the mark.

We’ve all seen the infamous Old Spice ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like‘ commercial which went completely viral with almost 50 million views currently. Well there were a few politicians who decided to jump on the bandwagon and parody the commercial for their own gain. Unfortunately for them, and our hearing and eyesight, their efforts weren’t very successful. Check out a few of them below.

Want to know the best part? Each and every one of the politicians who posted these above videos lost to their opponents during their campaign.

Take Home Lesson: If you aren’t as cool as Obama, don’t try to be.

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Neorealism: Exemplified by The Bicycle Thief

Neorealism was a stark contrast from the style of film-making viewers were used to during this era. It created a sense of honesty and conveyed emotions, which audiences had never experienced before.

neorealismSeveral different movements and genres have emerged within film theory, and re-emerged over the years in turn influencing one another. One important theory being Italian neorealism, which emerged in post-World War Two Italy. According to Pam Cook and Mieke Bernink, editors of “The Cinema Book: The 2nd Edition” (1999), “Aesthetically the ‘realism’ of the neorealism movement consisted principally of a commitment to the representation of human reality.” (Cook and Bernink, P.g. 77).

Italian neorealism emerged during the late 1940’s, after Italy had been liberated from the reign of the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. During the war, Mussolini put a complete halt on all imports of films produced by “the enemy”, specifically Hollywood. Even the exporting of Italian films ceased. The positive impact of this was that the break from Hollywood films gave Italian cinema a chance to expand and flourish in Italy.

Once Italy was liberated from the influx of Hollywood films, Italian filmmakers began looking for a new style of film-making to call their own. Neorealism was therefore a result of the longing to break away from the formulaic style of Hollywood film-making, as well as the restricted nationalistic films produced by the fascist regime. In contrast, neorealist films focused on the harsh truth and daily turmoil many in the country faced. A popular theme was poverty, sadly a real commonality amongst most of the Italian working class at the time.

A perfect example of the neorealist style is depicted through Vittorio De Sica’s “The Bicycle Thief” (1948). Set in post WW2 Italy, it tells the story of the Ricci family, who were deeply affected by the war, not only physically and financially, but spiritually and emotionally as well. Antonio Ricci (Lamberto Maggiorani), the films main character, finally finds work posting movie posters, but to do this job he must have a bicycle. He and his wife Maria (Lianella Carell) then pawn their bed sheets to get enough money to buy his bicycle back from the pawn shop. Ricci begins work only to have his bicycle stolen on the first day. Ricci and his son Bruno (Enzo Staiola), without much luck, then go on what seems to be a never-ending search for the perpetrator and the bicycle.

neorealism De Sica said, “We strove to look ourselves in the eyes and tell ourselves the truth, to discover who we really were and to seek salvation.” Instead of focusing on unrealistic adventurous tales and romantic fairy tales, neorealistic films focused on more common events, like a bicycle being stolen from a helpless man. To add to the films realistic approach, De Sica even cast the entire film with ordinary people who had never acted a day in their lives (you would never guess that, guaranteed!)

Neorealist films were shot on location, in spaces which were not glamorized for the camera. This gave viewers all over the world a chance to see how Italy, once known for its beauty and landscape, was affected by the war with their own eyes. In regards to “The Bicycle Thief”, the opening scenes reveal, not a country full of excitement or happiness, but a country filled with anger, loneliness and longing. The viewer sees windows missing glass in their frames, dirty old buildings, streets empty of cars and businesses, but filled with people on-foot wandering aimlessly until an opportunity for work or money arises.

Neorealistic films often share a common ending, and “The Bicycle Thief” truly exemplifies this theme.

****SPOILER ALERT!!!:****

Antonio Ricci never gets his bike back. The film simply ends. The viewer is left shrugging their shoulder and wondering, what will happen to the Ricci family?!?

That’s the point, because that’s the truth. Not everything gets resolved in life. There may not have been a happy ending and even if there was, the story still continues for the rest of the characters lives.


Neorealistic films, like “The Bicycle Thief”, dealt with the accurate social, political and economic situation Italians were facing at the time, as well as the realistic treatment of their citizens. De Sica hoped to expose the physical hunger and spiritual despair that was felt, as it was a common feeling among people all over the world. By naming the brand name of the films bicycle “Fides”, which in Italian means faith, and having it stolen, he is explaining that the faith of the Italian people in themselves, and each other, was not just lost, but cruelly taken away. He wanted the viewers to understand this feeling, feel it themselves and sympathize with the population.

It would be foolish to not mention that this film is frequently on critics’ and directors’ lists of the best films ever made. It was given an Academy Honorary Award in 1950, and, just four years after its release, was deemed the greatest film of all time by the magazine Sight & Sound’s poll of filmmakers and critics in 1952. The film placed sixth as the greatest ever made in the latest directors poll, conducted in 2002. ( I first viewed it in a film history course and loved it so much that I chose to start off a 12 hour journey via plane with it, and proceeded to watch it 3 times… so you know its worth the watch! HAPPY VIEWING!


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We’ve Moved But Haven’t Gone Far!

The Key West Video Team has packed up and moved out. But don’t worry we didn’t go far!

movedIn October of last year we moved from our previous location to a shiny new one uptown. While things have been busy, lots of unpacking and getting acquainted with our new digs, we are still the same team we have always been (if not better)!

What Has Changed?

Our Address For One – As many of you already know, we no longer are located at 321 Davenport road. We have moved to 5050 Dufferin Street on the second floor. In terms of scheduling meetings or shoots our new location won’t make for much difference. If you decide to come to us we would love to see you! But most often we come to you, and our move will not hinder that in any way.

movedBigger and Better – Our company is growing and moving forward, which is why we made the decision and moved our offices as well. Our new space has more room for us, so we can hire on new staff and continue to provide the excellent services we do for our expanding clientele. One of the most exciting aspects of this bigger and better space is the fact that we have built a beautiful and fully functional studio space.

Studio Space – Our #studio space is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of shoots, including those where full body shots are needed. We have a variety of lighting and backdrop options, including white, black and green screen. This additional aspect of our space will not only help us to create dynamic and professional video blogs, but it will of course be of great assistance to our clients. We can now provide you a cost effective solution to any of your studio needs.


What Has Stayed the Same?

Our Commitment to Our Clients – Even though we have moved, our commitment has stayed the same. Our clients continue to remain at the forefront of our thoughts in everything we do. We hope that our new space will create new opportunities and help germinate new ideas, and we are all excited for our clients to benefit from this exciting new time for us.

A Fantastic Team – Although the Key West Team has moved and is ever expanding, our unit continues to remains strong. We instill a sense of team work and collaboration in all of our new hires. Whether it is a full time employee or a freelancer, all of the individuals we work with become part of our family. Most importantly, we continue to work together to create amazing videos.

movedQuality Productions – Whether we are located downtown, uptown, west or east of the city, our goals and triumphs remain the same. We continue to pursue our goals of making the most dynamic and engaging videos for our clients. And our triumphs will always remain our clients’ satisfaction.

movedWe look forward to seeing you soon! Stop by our new location if you get the chance :)

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Frank Bank: Star Spotlight

 Frank Bank, not just #funny, but a financial wizard too!

Frank Bank

Frank Bank

Although out of the spotlight for many decades Frank Bank, born April 12, 1942 in Los Angeles, California, played one of the most memorable characters on the television classic Leave It To Beaver. The clumsy, bafoon-life chum of Wally, and bully to Beaver, “Clarence ‘Lumpy’ Rutherford” was Frank’s biggest role.

Like many #childstars before and since, Frank Banks career, following the success of #LeaveItToBeaver, succumbed to #typecasting. Like co-star #KenOsmond, who played #EddieHaskill on the series, Frank Bank was unable to find work following the shows final in 1963 (which he joined a year in, in 1958). However, according to cast members he spent a lot of his free time on set reading about stocks and bonds. By 1972 he had quit the acting profession for good and became a very successful stock broker, making $300,000 a year at an L.A.-based company, within his first 3 years getting started.

In his 1997 autobiography Call Me Lumpy, he claimed that, during the Beaver years, he slept with over 1,000 women. One of the more interesting facts about him was that he was born in a hospital hallway during an air raid drill (

#FrankBank died, one day after his 71st birthday, quietly and out of the spotlight on April 13, 2013. Bank was married twice and left behind his second wife Rebecca, and 2 daughters (from his first wife and high school sweetheart).

Although he left the entrainment world early on, we are fortunate enough to still have his #comedicgenius, in the character #LumpyRutherford, captured on film! Many stars find it hard to shed their most popular image, especially those who found stardom at a young age. Their cute, lovable, or sometimes downright evil portrayals may stay with them and force them out of the business entirely. It’s a shame as one would wonder what Frank Bank and others like him could have done for #television #sitcoms in the years to come.

Outside Additional Sources
People Magazine – Leave It to Beaver‘s Lumpy, Frank Bank, Dies

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Training Video Production

Provide excellent instruction with training video production

Gone are the days when you schedule a training session for your employees, they half pay attention to the PowerPoint slides at the front of the room and struggle to find the will to participate in the planned group activities. We’ve shed those days for a more direct, concise, and long term solution. Factor in the cost effectiveness of a video versus live training, and you have found yourself an excellent training solution.

The video montage above features some of our recent training video production work. If you’d like to see more, you can always check out our YouTube channel. There you can find several examples of completed projects and much more.

Don’t get me wrong, training videos can fall into the category of being so boring that you would rather watch a monkey dance around for an hour. However, those are not the type of training videos that we produce here at Key West Video Inc.

We help you get to the route of your training needs. What is it that you need to express to your employees? What would be the best way to attract their attention? What would they want to know? These are the types of questions we ask to get to the heart of the problem, and to find a solution through the use of video.

Our training videos often take a new-age approach. Need to grab attention? Why not turn your training video into an interactive game where participants win prizes for participating? Why not show your employees how to do something both through live action footage, as well as precise animation highlighted specific facets of the job. Graphic text and voice-over are also common elements to our productions which help guide the viewer, and aid them in retaining the information.

Training Video Production

Reward based training module

Training Video Production Toronto

Graphics and animation help get across complicated subject matter

Training video production is an excellent tool to provide for your workforce. It not only is able to be viewed by employees again and again until they are comfortable with the material, but it can also be used for years to come. Contact us for your future Toronto training videos.


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Screenplays vs Theatre

Scripts Written For The Theatre Vary Greatly From Screenplays Written For The Big Screen

screenplayErwin Panofsky wrote, “The screenplay, in contrast to the theatre play, has no aesthetic existence independent of its performance, and… its characters have no aesthetic existence outside the actors”.

When a #playwright completes a play he/she does so in hopes that the play will be performed numerous times, and in an ideal scenario such as with Shakespear’s work, continue to be adapted as time progresses. In juxtaposition, when a #screenwriter completes his/her #screenplay, it is viewed as a one-time offering. This means, it is meant for one #director and one cast of #actors. This is because most often in a film, the character lives and dies with the one actor who they were played by, as opposed to the #theatre where many actors can play the same #characters over many years. Therefore in the theatre, the character never really dies. They are resurrected in many ways, during many time periods and across many countries.

#Films are however re-done and re-made all the time, but the fact is that they are not meant to be. Screenplays are not written and developed with the idea in mind that they will be filmed again in a decade or so. Plays by comparison are written for the masses, no matter where they live, or how they lie or when they live. The playwrights know that it will be #performed again and again overtime, hopefully, and in many places around the world, and they thus want it to be accessible and relevant to all. So they are written with those ideas in mind. The #stories and plights are written so if they are performed even a hundred years after the fact, there are still ideas and messages that the #audience can understand and take with them. A play may take place during a certain time-period, but it is not “dated” in the same way a contemporary film may be.

Stage plays are by virtue, a continuous pieces of work, but transitory. They and their characters change through each #performance and each interpretation. There is room to grow and room to limit things. Everything is available for change. Film, on the other hand, is discontinuous, but permanent. In film, what you see is what you get. There is no changing it, once it is completed it is completed for all time. Someone else may come down the road and reinterpret the work, but the original work will still remain, and always be the original.

Another variant which differs with stage plays and screenplays is the order things are made. A stage play must be performed in order, no exceptions. Otherwise, how would the audience understand what is going on? With a screenplay, things can not only occur out of order during the final product, but they can be filmed or performed for the camera out of order and no one need ever know. This in turn creates a different dynamic, not only with the material and the audiences, but with those who are performing and shaping each piece.

Therefore when writing for a screenplay or for the theatre, an understanding of these differences is important. It is integral to know not only who your audiences is today, but who they will be in the future. While screenplays and scripts for the theatre may have stark contrasts, they have many similarities too, but that is something we will explore in another post.


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Commercial Video Production

Showcasing your brand with a great commercial video

Producing a professional looking commercial video continues to be one of the best ways to advertise to the public, however a lot more goes into a commercial beyond having a camera and some on screen talent. There are several content and technical requirements that need to be met before a piece is ready for broadcast.

The video montage above features some of our recent commercial work. If you’d like to see more, you can always check out our YouTube channel. There you can find several examples of completed projects and much more.

Regulations regarding closed captioning and audio/video fidelity are always evolving. Many broadcast entities require a video to meet certain technical criteria before they’re willing to air it. Its true that with some extra port production work, a video that fails to meet these criteria can be fixed. However, its much more cost effective (and better looking too) to start off in the right direction.

It’s also important to consider the location of your commercial shoot. Once the core message of the piece is clear, consider what location best depicts your product or service in practice. What if you don’t have access to an ideal location for your shoot? No problem.

Commercial Video Producton

Keywest Video – Green Screen Studio @ 5050 Dufferin Street, Unit 227, Toronto

Here at Keywest video we also have production facilities where you can shoot your commercial. Our green screen studio is perfect for having a multi camera shoot. Whether a host is talking about a product, or if you’d like to stage a demonstration, we can accommodate your needs with our fully equipped production studio.

If you want to learn more about our studio space and green screen services, click here.

Advertising agencies cost a small fortune to get your brand noticed on broadcast TV. Here at Keywest, we create highly polished commercial video production that won’t break the bank! Contact us for your future Toronto commercial videos.

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