Got a free hoodie, and all I had to do was promote the show #MrRobot #MrRobotIsHere.

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Got a free hoodie, and all I had to do was promote the show #MrRobot #MrRobotIsHere.

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Got a free hoodie, and all I had to do was promote the show #MrRobot #MrRobotIsHere.

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Got a free hoodie, and all I had to do was promote the show #MrRobot #MrRobotIsHere.

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Got a free hoodie, and all I had to do was promote the show #MrRobot #MrRobotIsHere.

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Typography in Corporate Videos

Times New Roman. Comic Sans. Georgia. Bold. Size 12.

Typefaces and fonts that we’re all too familiar with.

In corporate video, typography is just as important as the basics. Good ol’ visuals and audio. Maybe a bit of animation. Naturally, most would agree. Media is a huge way we consume information. Companies now primarily market themselves online. It’s necessary to make content attractive enough to engage viewers. For video marketers, typography is especially important for people who first come into contact with your brand.

So, what is typography, anyway?

Typography in Corporate Videos

Essentially, it’s the art of [re]arranging text. It  typically involves typeface, font, size, colour and leading lines. And it’s big in graphic design and advertising. Sometimes this is animated across a screen. In the past, companies would animate words over a voiceover to get their message across. But now? They’ve evolved with animated infographics, polls, and charts.

Typography affects the way readers view information. It must be attention-grabbing enough to, well, grab people’s attention, but it also signals to consumers whether your content applies to them or not.

Typography in Corporate Videos
Typography is more than just typeface. Though choosing a style (e.g. Arial, Helvetica etc.) is important to how your company presents itself, it’s not the be-all-end-all of your aesthetic. Think of well-known brands that are recognized by their look, like Apple or Google. Apple isn’t just distinct because of their logo. They’re recognized for their continuity as well.

Apple really took off in the late 2000s, and so did its typeface. Soon Helvetica Neue spread to its products – from Macbooks, to iPads, to iPhones – and more. Their clean, simplistic look quickly caught on and contributed to an attractive overall aesthetic.

Typography is your chance to represent your corporate culture. In corporate video marketing, this can mean short, quirky videos featuring your company’s memorable font.

Here at Key West Video, our animation services include the best in typography. Check out our website for more details!

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Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

No one could have guessed the magnitude of influence that Game of Thrones would have when it first aired in 2011. The world watched in awe as book fans and newcomers alike gaped at the bravado – and horrors – of the Starks, the Lannisters and everything in between. A show with this much action, moral ambiguity and hints of supernaturalism comes with its own set of expectations. Game of Thrones not only kept the ‘dark’ in Dark Ages, but also set a precedent with its cross-genre appeal.

Naturally, viewers were abuzz. Ratings flew and now the show will be entering its sixth season. Complete with its own merchandise, HBO’s boldest show hit a home run.

In the world of corporate video marketing, there are quite a few messages to take home from this series. Here are some of valuable lessons that corporate companies can learn from Game of Thrones when marketing to their clients:

1. Don’t Overlook the Underdogs

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Tyrion Lannister expresses similar alienated feelings to Jon Snow in season one.

Every company has at least one employee who goes unnoticed. Their work is integral to the company’s success and often forgotten about. This employee is also usually lower on the totem pole. It’s important to encourage work morale and recognize each employee’s efforts – especially when he or she is involved in marketing for the company.

We all love an underdog with the ability to succeed despite the obstacles. There is no bigger underdog than Jon Snow. He’s the illegitimate son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and the epitome of a natural-born leader. Snow uses his status (or lack thereof) to propel him forward, eventually becoming Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Another great example is Tyrion Lannister, dwarf son of mogul Tywin Lannister. Both show incredible tenacity by using their wits, charm, and inner strength to rise in the ranks.

On a grander scale larger corporations with bigger market may fail to recognize smaller potential competitors. The biggest dilemma is deciding whether or not to respond. Silencing a low-cost threat is a safe option. However, it does take time for competitors to gain momentum.

2. Be Willing to Learn the Ropes

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Jon Snow displays his fighting skills as part of the Night’s Watch

Another reason we love Jon Snow is because of his willingness to learn. After joining the Night’s Watch, it’s pretty obvious that Jon has his work cut out for him. He starts at the bottom as a new recruit, slowly working his way up showcasing his fighting skills. Jon quickly gains the favour of Commander Jeor Mormont and becomes his personal steward. His camaraderie with the wildlings later earns him the coveted position of Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Avant-garde marketing means moving into uncharted territory. Like Snow, companies would benefit from taking calculated risks to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It can be scary treading in new areas. Testing the waters to see which marketing schemes work for your company is a major way to get attention. Even if your target is not reached, recognition doesn’t hurt.

3. Don’t Make Rash Decisions

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Daenerys Targaryen decides the fate of her Lannister prisoner.

One of the most poignant characters to draw from is Daenerys Targaryen. Originally sold off to Khal Drogo of the Dothrakis in exchange for an army, Daenerys soon became the Dothrakis’ most prized – and dangerous – weapon. Her character rises from the ashes (literally) after the Khal dies and she loses her stillborn child. With the help of her aid Jorah and her three newborn dragons, Daenerys quickly takes command of the Dothrakis, Meereens and thwarts the leaders of Qarth.

This Game of Thrones character teaches us the art of patience. She comes from a long line of rulers and is often compared to her late brother Rhaegar; a courageous, wise leader who had a strong moral compass. Her reputation comes with calculated decision-making. She is often faced with how to punish those who enslave others, how to infiltrate cities, and which traditional values to keep.

It goes without saying that video marketing requires a lot of decision-making. From its conception to completion, there are a multitude of minds working together to execute one mission. This relies on collaboration between different people giving different perspectives.

According to Harvard University’s Business Review, there are three types of market-related decisions that affect how you represent your company: strategy and planning,  execution, and operations and infrastructure. Strategy and planning decisions involve lining up marketing goals with strategy and aligning the priorities of marketing and sales. Execution decides how a company will deliver their message under different vehicles and varying budgets. Operations and infrastructure covers the fundamental details of execution, covering every aspect of how something will be marketed.

4. Winter is Coming

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

A White Walker roams through a snow storm.

Easily the mantra of the show. While Game of Thrones approaches its sixth season, winter has still not come. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of time spent in preparation for a long, cold season and everything that comes with it (see: White Walkers)

This is not to say that corporate video marketing depends on any particular time of the year. However, attention to timing is important. There are certain times in the day when participants are less active on social media. One can assume this also means less reception to marketing ads. A great way to prepare your audience for the release of a new product or service is to warm them up. With short video clips, ambiguous messages and even behind-the-scenes footage, you can create a buzz strong enough to annihilate your competition. Not every company can rely on seasonal anticipation (e.g. Apple releasing a new iPhone each fall). Sometimes, you have to act before your competitor’s are even given a chance.

5. Be Likeable

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Tyrion Lannister

For some reason, likeability always slips under the radar. Many forget how important it is for clients and customers to actually like your brand (unless you’re Buckley’s, of course). Nobody wants to use a product or service that they feel obligated to use. Clients want to feel like they have options. Be the ideal choice.

In Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister isn’t exactly the most loveable character…at first. He treats his dwarfism as both a curse and a blessing and later uses it like armour. His witty sarcasm, intellect, and craftiness are sometimes overshadowed by a superficial shield of machismo. His wit and charm is what often keeps him alive when he becomes imprisoned and sold off by traders. When it comes to liking Tyrion, you kinda don’t have a choice.

6. Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Daenerys Targaryen first emerges from the ashes with her baby dragons.

Daenerys Targaryen comes from a long line of powerful descendants. Our first encounter with her in season one shows her stepping into a boiling bath without a flinch. It soon becomes clear that this dragon descendant cannot be burned easily. Interestingly enough, this foreshadows her ability to take heat; especially when she later makes a mistake that turns the Meereen people against her.

Metaphorically speaking, a company’s marketing scheme should be a surefire (get it?) way to achieve your results. However, if this backfires, your message should be strong enough to stand by. Especially if it is essential to your company values.

7. Don’t Aim to Be the Best. Be the Best.

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Khal Drogo

In a nutshell, Game of Thrones is a battle for the Iron Throne. Many families fight to the death for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Some of the major noble houses include: House Bolton (formerly House Stark), House Arryn, House Frey (formerly House Tully), House Greyjoy, House Lannister, House Tyrell, House Baratheon and House Martell.

A good modern-day comparison is the smart phone market. Many would argue that Apple holds first place. Following closely are: Samsung, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, and Google’s much-anticipated smart phone set to release this September.  

A huge part of what separates Apple from the rest is its innovative designs, cohesive management style, exceptional customer service, and in-house operating systems. While we’re not technically saying they’re the best, they sure don’t give us a reason to say otherwise.

8. Names Carry Weight

Game Of Thrones and Corporate Video Marketing

Illegitimate son Ramsay Snow is legitimized into House Bolton.

Branding is everything. In the world of Winterfell, illegitimate sons aren’t given the privilege of the family name. In the marketing world, corporate companies aren’t afforded that luxury. Every product that stems from a company follows a distinct pattern; a part of the company brand. While you can never fully disown it, you can abandon it long enough for people to forget it ever existed.

Just kidding. Kinda.

Even Sansa who relocates from her home, is betrothed to King Joffrey, and is remarried to Tyrion Lannister and Ramsey Bolton, knows who she is. She is Sansa Stark of Winterfell. And her name, despite everything, holds power.

Honour your brand as you would honour your word. Your name carries weight, and is a major card to play.


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Clickbait Corporate Videos: How Far Would You Go?

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s talk.

The internet is swirling with all types of sources for information. Established news companies are finding it harder to keep track of social media trends alone, much less keep up with new media such as Buzzfeed or Upworthy.

New media companies commonly use “clickbait” material – highly sensationalized headlines – to bring mass traffic on to their sites. Headlines are misleading enough to suck you in, but relational enough to keep you from being completely let down. Many times, they reflect pop culture and recycle ideas from traffic aggregators like Reddit. They also insist the headline will affect your personal life in some capacity. Their main goal? To generate ad revenue.

These two Irish guys hit the nail on the head:

It’s no secret that clickbait is one of the reasons for online journalism’s decline. It’s borderline lazy to create provocative headlines with no real substance. It also removes the need for independent or critical thought, with some sites just stealing content from others.

So how does this relate to your company’s videos?

In the corporate world, many companies make it their goal to go viral. They will spend a lot of money and time researching popular trends to appeal to their audiences. And who can blame them? Once something goes viral, it’s usually there to stay.

Exposure is great, yes, but at what cost?  Clickbait material is often vague, which is the opposite of what you should be aiming for. Instead, companies should be looking to educate their clients with facts on their industry and answering questions on the details of their services. Leading viewers on to videos that are irrelevant to your brand hurts more than it helps.

Clickbait Corporate Videos: How Far Would You Go?

Fluffy, clickbait videos also do not answer the basic questions other businesses might want to know when they first come into contact with your company. Who are you? What exactly do you do? It’s easy to list several things your competitor does wrong, but how does your company differ? What is the best way to illustrate that to a viewer in need?

There are ways to get around it. Luring viewers in with an interesting concept may get their attention, but your solid content is what will keep them on the page. Well, at least that’s the goal.

Ultimately, the first 30 seconds of your video should be solid enough to grab your viewer’s attention, but relevant enough for them to stay.

Here at Key West Video, our goal is to make corporate videos that are not only great, but also make sense.

What do you think about clickbait corporate videos? Comment or share below!

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A #ThankYou #Painting from a #Mother for #Casting her #Daughter in the #EpiExpert #SafetyTraining #Video. #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #B2B #Toronto

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