Cleaning out the #Equipment room. #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #B2B #Toronto #Lighting #GreenScreen #StudioRental

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Cleaning out the #Equipment room. #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #B2B #Toronto #Lighting #GreenScreen #StudioRental

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Cleaning out the #Equipment room. #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #B2B #Toronto #Lighting #GreenScreen #StudioRental

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Making Of Videos: The Thing To Do?

Are ‘Making of’ Videos as Important as the Video Itself?

making of

We’ve all watched them, ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘making of’ videos as they are often referred as. As a society we have always been fascinated with the production of films. That is why producers have realized the importance of these type of videos which showcase the elaborate processes that go on in the background. The make-up, props, costumes, custom sets, animation, choreography and all around visual allure. But what really do these videos do other than provide additional content for the viewer to take in? Do they have an importance beyond playing second fiddle to the developed project itself?

Going through Viral Blog and it’s top choices for viral videos in it’s Viral Friday posting, I stumbled upon Air France’s new corporate video, ‘France is in the air’. An obvious play on the well known line ‘Love is in the air’, the video is a playful piece showcasing beautiful people, a beautiful set and a beautiful concept.

As I watched the video I thought about how simple yet cute of a concept it was, but nothing about it truly blew me away. Going to YouTube next to get my dose of other popular videos, there on the front page under the recommended section, was the video seen below, ‘Air France – Making of film France is in the air’.

Here is the behind the scenes ‘making of’ the Air France video.

It made me start to think. Was the making of video more interesting than the promotional video itself? And for me, it really was. Seeing how all of the different elements of the production came together was fascinating. Specifically in regards to the beautiful sets and the elaborate choreography.

Making of videos give the production team the ability to showcase not only all of the hard work that went into the production, but also the creativity behind the concept. It is also a way to shine a light on the individuals doing the work behind the scenes. And some may think it provides viewers with too much information, and maybe makes the original video loose it’s magic or luster. But to that I say we live in a world where everything is accessible at our fingertips. Understanding how big budget film making works isn’t a mystery. Being able to see it up close and personal as with the above video, I think only enhances the cool factor of the original video.

So from my perspective making of videos are important in their own right. They can sometimes even be cooler than the video the making of video is showcasing.

What do you think? Have you seen any other spectacular making of videos? Connect with us on any of our many social media channels. We’d love to chat!

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Augmented Reality & Video Production

The Use of Augmented Reality with Video Production is Becoming A THING

augmented reality

Example of AR abilities from the minds of Areal

#AR or #AugmentedReality isn’t a new phenomenon. Back in 2011 we wrote a blog post centered around the popularity of #QRcodes. At the end of the post we had a short section describing the cutting edge adaptation known as AR codes.

A new adapted form of the QR code is in the works, and it is known as AR code or ‘augmented reality’ (not to be confused with Action-replay codes). AR codes launch an executable file, and when you hold that file up to a webcam it will display a 3-D image or movie. Augmented reality has been in development for use in video games and even the US military has bought AR devices for training.

Think of the possibilities for promoting brands. Corporate videos could be embedded in every 2-D advertisements and static information would come to life with your Smartphone.

A similar theme is being imagined at where they have visions of a ‘Virtual Search Platform’ that with a scan from a Smartphone customers would be given information about the advertisements product or service with specific attention to location. They also want to incorporate augmented reality into their platform.

What Really is Augmented Reality?

Brisk Interactive defines augmented reality as a way to enhance the world around you. They state it works by placing a #3D object into real world-space OR real items into screen-space.

Augmented reality is something that we’re seeing more and more of when it comes to the #marketing and #advertising space. #Creative agencies are looking for ways to engage with target audiences in a more participative way. Augmented reality has a variety of uses and also exemplifies the move toward customer-centric #media which gives the user the ability to choose what they want to interact with.

#Smartphones have now become a staple, and with the quick and easy download of an #app, static material can be turned into a way to connect audiences with so much more. For example, the #image above shows how with the use of Areal’s app individuals can make a regular advertisement of a shark transform into an #animated experience which is sure to excite viewers.

Augmented Reality Uses

Companies such as Brisk Interactive are utilizing augmented reality and #virtual reality with a product focus. Providing their clients with the ability to help customers visualize a product in a 3D space. This is just one of the ways AR is aiding different industries.

Another form AR is developing in is with Augmented Reality locating. Colab held an event this past November titled ‘Mobile Augmented Reality Video Workshop’. One of the highlights was looking into how AR locating can be used moving forward.

Using AR browsers such as Wikitude and Aurasma and geotagging via smartphones in-built GPS, mobile movies can be located within a geographical context, linked to collaborative Google Maps and viewed in Google Earth. This adds a rich layer of contextual information to mobile movies, effectively augmenting a mobile movie with geographical data. Additionally, Bluetooth and iBeacons provide interactive contexts indoors.

Think about how this could aid companies. Highlight your product or service through a #video bio found on Google maps through each person’s smartphone. Now that’s great #advertisement.

Key West & Augmented Reality

Key West Video is currently in the process of working with a client on a series of video modules with an augmented reality element. Our client hopes that this move will take their often static and tired content, and attract a new, young, excited audience. We are working in conjunction with an AR focused company to determine how to incorporate our #VideoProduction work into the larger scope of the AR project.

Our initial concept is to highlight 4 individuals through 30 second spots. At events and through #online promotion and #SocialMedia, these four individuals and their stories will be showcased through video. Our goal is to add an augmented reality element so the videos help bring the larger story to life. Not only do we anticipate utilizing an AR element on event posters to prompt the opening of each video, but we hope to create a way for viewers to interact with assets that help tell each individuals story. For example, if you are watching a video about a mechanical engineer, ideally viewers would then be able to see what a blueprint looks like and the types of tools and technologies that are used in that field of work.

We think this ability to go beyond just the video itself, will create a level of #interactivity that will leave viewers wanting more and never forgetting the experience. That is the true ability of augmented reality.

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#Passover #SisterInLaws

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#Passover #TheNextGeneration.

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Happy #EastOver

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Happy #Passover!

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Corporate Video Production Services

Key West Video is a preferred Corporate Video Production Partner for numerous top organizations & non-profits

corporate video production

With 26 years in the #corporate #video #production #business, Key West Video is a trusted source for Fortune 500 Companies and Canada’s Top Non-Profits. Whether it is refocusing a #brand or facilitating educators and employers with workshop videos, we know how to cater to the sensibilities of diverse audiences worldwide.

Why choose the Key West Video Team?

We are reliable, flexible, offer excellent #CustomerService and have extensive experience in the #industry. We will support you and your team throughout all the stages of corporate video production with open #communication during the process of your project. And perhaps, most importantly, corporate video is our passion, and it’s a passion we want to share because we are proud of what we do.

We help connect #clients with the audience that they want to reach in a way that no other medium can provide. Through video, the viewer can feel different kinds of emotions and connect to a #product, a #service, a person or an #experience. This is why we work so diligently to provide our clients with #creative and dynamic videos that bridge the gap they are looking to close. Corporate video production is a way to reach out to people like no other. Let us build that connection with you.



We produce on location or #studio shoots to highlight you, your company or message. We shoot many different kinds of videos for a variety of purposes for our clients. What are you looking for?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.07.05 PM-Training Videos

-Event Videos

-Product & Service Videos

-Company Promotional Videos

-Commercials & Videos for Broadcast

-Testimonials & Interviews

-Green Screen

-Aerial Videography

-Actor Services

-Non-Local Video Production

-Industry Specific Videos



A still #image can speak volumes. What do you want to capture? No matter what your subject is, we will make it stand out.

headshot-Event Photography

-Corporate Headshots & Portraits

-Aerial Photography



Our state of the art #EditSuites are equipped with the latest software, including #FinalCutPro and the complete #Adobe Master Collection.

corporate video production-Video Editing

-Colour Correction

-Edit Suite Rental


Video Production Studio

Are you looking for a studio to rent for your shoot? We have a studio with multiple backdrops, including #greenscreen as an option. If you need a member of our team to set up the #lighting for you just ask us when you book!

corporate video production-Video Studio Rental

-Photo Studio Rental

-Green Screen Studio Rental



Want to get creative in a spirited, vibrant way? Choose #animation to help express the content of your video, or even the whole project!

corporate video production-Infographic



-Explainer Videos


Specialty Services

Do you require a specialty service? There are many things that we do that are specific and don’t necessarily fit under another category. Check our specialty services below, and if you need something that’s not listed—just ask!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.37.54 PM-Translation



-Voice Dubbing

-Video Resumes

-Music Videos

-Electronic Press Kits


If you have any questions about any of our services please give us a shout! We’d be happy to connect with you and discuss your needs further.

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