Robbie Rist: Star Spotlight

The year was 1974 and #TheBradyBunch was in its 5th and finale season… all because of one pint-sized shaggy-haired little boy. Or so the argument goes. This week we bring you the star spotlight of Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist: Star Spotlight
Robbie Rist – Innocent or Evil?

Robert Anthony, “Robbie” Rist, was born in Los Angeles, California in 1964. He began his acting career as #CousinOliver in “The Brady Bunch”, a beloved television classic. Brought in to #Boost #Ratings and add to the #CutenessFactor of the show, his character only remained in what would be the final 6 episodes of the series.

One wonders, was it really not all his fault?

Viewers quickly learned that Robbie Rist’s character was a #jinx and, as he put it, “wherever I go, terrible things happen.”

Many blame Robbie Rist for the cancellation of The Brady Bunch, but regardless of numerous reports denying his guilt, he is forever remembered of the #CursedBrady. He became part of a growing trend in the 70s and 80’s, adding a cute character in an effort to boost a shows ratings, known as #CousinOliverSyndrome or #AddAKid.

Although he went on to pursue a semi-successful career as a #VoiceActor and #Musician, many cant get his devilish Dutch boy hairstyle #ScreenPersona out of their minds. He was never invited back to any of the #BradyBunchReunions.

Robbie Rist charmed our television screens for all of the 6 episodes he was on, before we realized he came with an adorable curse. The tale of Robbie Rist is not unique to television. Beware, for when your #Sitcom brings in an adorable, delectable, innocent young addition to your #Cast, it simply may be the #Sequel to the #CurseOfCousinOliver.

Check out what this pint-sized actor looks like now. Who would have guessed that the blonde cutie who brought down one of the most family friendly shows on television would turn into this:

Robbie Rist: Star Spotlight


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