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3D films have been around for decades. However, over the past few years their popularity has re-surged, as well as the creation of 3D TVs. But is this technology sustainable, or just another passing fad?

3DThe short answer is yes, it is here to stay. You may have noticed that there is always at least one 3D movie in theaters, and it has been that way for a while. Check your local show time listings and try to prove me wrong.

The public has been slow to adopt 3D TVs for a few reasons, some find it visually unsettling, even nauseating, while others just don’t think there is enough media available to justify the purchase. For a long time, all that was really available was a handful of Blu-Rays and an extremely limited 3D Satellite TV offering.

That is going to change for two main reasons; the media is becoming more common, new gaming consoles are expected to release several capable titles in three dimensional, and as time goes on the back catalogue of 3D movies is growing. This is illustrated best if you consider that virtually every single animated film from DreamWorks or Pixar released in the past 5 years has been shot three dimensionally and released on 3D Blu-Ray.

Secondly, eventually buying a three – dimensional capable TV won’t be optional. As the hardware becomes cheaper, all televisions will be 3D capable. It will be viewed as an added feature, whether you use it or not. On a long enough timeline, consumers who would normally avoid 3D TVs will find themselves owning one, and they might realize they like it. Check our some of the various types of 3D TVs from c/nets guide.

The potential widespread adoption of the technology could justify the production of more three dimensional content, because developers will have a larger potential customer base, giving them the confidence to create more 3D productions.

Studios are motivated to produce films in three dimensional because it drives the price of tickets higher and for now, it offers customers a theatrical experience that most people don’t have at home.

When done right, a 3D feature film can be an incredibly engaging experience, and even some of the long time critics of the format have come around in recent years. Take a look at “How Gravity Changed My Mind About 3D” by telegraph columnist Anne Billson.c

Whether you like it or not, 3D in theatres and in homes is here to stay, and the quality of the experience is getting better all the time.

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