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Common myths when it comes to corporate videos:

Every industry has myths associated with them. Corporate video production is no exception.

Here is a list of the top 5 myths out there:

Myth 1:

Corporate video production will cost an arm and a leg. Producing a great corporate video does cost money, but it’s not as bad as you think. The proper production value put towards your video can significantly improve your company’s message – bringing your business more clients business in return. Having a corporate video is always a great investment. For a quote on your next corporate video, just visit our website.

Myth 2:

Corporate videos are all the same. Unfortunately, we have all seen that one boring corporate video, which may have made a lasting impression on us. Corporate videos today are more lively and engaging than ever before. Why? Because of newer technology, creativity, and resources. A corporate video doesn’t have to be a talking head in a suit. Here at Key West Video, we don’t produce boring corporate videos. Check out our previous blog post for more information about what sets us apart from the other corporate video production companies.

Myth 3:

You need to use your CEO/boss. Again, a talking head in a suit is not necessary to make a corporate video.  If a company wants to do a profile video, there are more options than just using their CEO. One available option is showcasing real employees in the field. Not only does it make it more attractive to the viewer, but it also draws in more emotion than seeing a CEO speaking directly to the camera.

Myth 4:

You don’t need a script. So you think you won’t need a script. Wrong.  The script is the most important part. Even if you spend millions of dollars producing a video, but have a poorly written script, you will likely end up with wasted time and money. Why? Because without a well-written script, your message will not be clear to your targeted audience. Scripting outlines your message clearly and determines what relevant information you must include in your video. What exactly is in a script? They contain the concept, format, structure, and style of your corporate video. A well-written script will grab the attention of the audience from the beginning of the video, hold their attention while relaying the message, and present a call to action at the end.

Myth 5:

You don’t need a video production company. Key West Video believes this to be one of the biggest myths when it comes to corporate videos. You have a video camera and think that’s all it takes to produce a corporate video. Perhaps that might be true, but that ‘video’ will end up looking dull, boring, and low-budget. Is that how you want your company represented? In the end, it would be a waste of your time and energy. Why? Because video production takes well-seasoned and skilled producers, videographers, editors, professional equipment, and much more. Producing a good corporate video takes professionalism.

Myths About Corporate Video Production
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