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5 Tips Choosing Corporate Video Companies:

5 Tips Choosing Corporate Video Companies … they all make videos. So, does it really matter WHICH Video Company you choose to go with? Without any guarantee of how it will really end, you will be parting with a large sum of money.

So, you should consider being a little finicky when it comes time to choose one. Or you could end up with an amateur video, with wasted money and time, which can ultimately reflect badly on your corporate image. Once you have found your company –after much patience, you wont need to repeat the process for your next project. Here are 5 tips choosing a Corporate Video Company.

1. Make sure this Video Company is actually Professional. Do your research. How long has this company been in business? What make’s a professional is their training, skills and their countless years of experience on the job. These days many people are calling themselves  ‘professional’. Just because you might own a camera and a laptop with editing platforms doesn’t make you a pro. If you want a good video, you will also need a company that has high-end equipment – green screen-teleprompter’s etc. Although, even though the company may have the most high-end equipment, that’s not all that matters. What really matters is the ‘professionals’ running it. This is the first of the 5 tips choosing corporate video companies.

2. Reputation.  Does the company have an online reputation? Are they found on any social media sites? If so, pay close attention to what people are saying about them. A great Corporate Video Company should have testimonials and reviews from previous clients posted on their website. Check that out. Also look out for repeat clients. If clients keep coming back, it can only mean one thing: they were clearly more than satisfied with their work.

3. Quality of Work. Have you seen any of their work? They should offer recent samples of their work pertaining to the style of video you are interested in. A clear sign the company isn’t legit is when they have no samples to offer you, or offers you dated material. Looking at their previous works will also give you some sort of idea as to if they have fresh and creative ideas. If you see the same boring style of videos, that’s a sign that your video most likely wont be any better than that.

4. Customer Service? Do they even seem like they care about your vision? At first you may think there doesn’t have to be that’ chemistry’ when we first meet; business is business. Think again. You will be working with these people for weeks. There will be those long days of countless hours of shooting and editing- and it wouldn’t be half bad if you were hanging out with people you actually enjoyed working with.

5. Budget. Avoid companies that don’t provide you with a clear and comprehensive quote after your meeting.  Some production companies offer packages of their services in addition to being able to add on even more services.  You will most likely find quotes all over the map, but make sure to take careful note of the breakdown of the prices in the quote. Don’t make price the one and all deciding factor in choosing a company. Some companies guarantee a ridiculously lower price compared to others, but then slowly adds hidden costs during the later stages, which in the end can end up costing you more.

Here at Keywest we embody all of the 5 Tips Choosing Corporate Video Companies. We have been producing corporate videos for over 20 years. We are experts in corporate videography and post-production.We offer countless samples of corporate videos from clients whom we have yet to disappoint. Check out Keywest for more information or for a quote on your next video.  We hope you enjoyed 5 Tips Choosing Corporate Video Companies.


Key West Video Inc. - Corporate Video Blog - 5 Tips Choosing Corporate Video Companies
Key West Video Inc. – Corporate Video Blog – 5 Tips Choosing Corporate Video Companies

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