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The More Absurd the Better? A Look At Weird Corporate Videos

Ever feel like companies go out of their way to bring us the most obscure, weird or straight up absurd content? Well, there may be a method to the madness.

Many companies have resorted to making absurd content in their marketing campaigns.

And while a lot of broadcasters and networks may reject the notion of absurdity, certain brands like Old Spice, Mountain Dew and Skittles have come to find the internet as the ultimate eclectic holy grail.

Even when companies use a cluster of different internet memes, it is never arbitrary.

If anything, it’s a strategy used to target a specific audience.

For instance, one of the most popular (and outrageous) marketing schemes is the Old Spice guy. After its viral success, Old Spice took to creating even more absurd print images like this:


While at first glance the images in the ad may seem like unrelated, they tie into Old Spice’s subtle-not-so-subtle message: “Become One of the Freshest Smelling Places on Earth”.

They’ve compiled a wide range of images that visually represent our interpretation of fresh smells on earth. Rivers. Green grass. Wild animals. Trees. Fire-breathing dragons. What more could we possibly ask for?

Jason Kreher, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy former involved with the Old Spice campaign, states that the silliness has to be taken seriously, as told by Mashable.

This is not to say that this fun-loving airiness is for everyone. For brands that reflect more serious subject matter with less room for comedic versatility (like PETA or human trafficking organizations, for example), it might not be wise to include such a level of absurdity in a corporate video campaign.

This is not to say that whacky creative freedom necessarily hurts or augments your brand.

But for companies open and able to adapt to current trends (or even better: start them!), it might be worth looking into the possibilities of wackiness. And if you’re company really knows its audience, your content can very well be tailored towards even more niche audiences.

Here at Key West Video, we pride ourselves on working well with our clients – no matter how absurd the idea is. For more information on our services, visit our website today!

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