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Why Corporate Video Advertisements Are More Relevant Now Than Ever

Corporate video advertisements are now more important – and relevant – than ever.

With the influx of conflicting news, unreliable sources, and fast-paced false information found on social media, it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate the truth from the lies. Cue advertisements.

We’re inundated with so much information – how can we even begin to weed out what’s real from what’s not?

A recent article from Mashable pointed out that, based on a  new survey, many [North] Americans are trusting mainstream media and news outlets less and less. Their alternative?


A report by marketing research firm YouGov revealed that 61% of the survey’s responders trusted advertisements more than information found on the news. That number is significant. Just three years ago, the percentage was at least 11 percentage points lower.

Apparently, ads are doing something right. This is interesting for a number of reasons. Our new political climate maks trusting mass media organizations, the government, and other institutions particularly difficult. With a lack of accountability, who is the public to believe?

Why Corporate Video Advertisements Are More Relevant Now Than Ever
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Recent advertisements (like the Budweiser immigrant story) are making an effort to tell the stories we just aren’t getting anymore. While public trust in advertisements is obviously subjective, it does bring up important questions. What is the history of this brand or company? Have they ever been involved in any scandals or controversies? Does their product have a track record of being trustworthy? These sorts of questions call audiences to question the authenticity and intent of the brands they’re buying from.

For B2B businesses and corporate companies, this is excellent news. Both corporations and production companies like Key West can now use their platform to give the public what they want.

Any visual medium is storytelling; but now, people are actually more willing to pay attention now more than ever. There is generally a disdain for corporate video ads who have an agenda. But now, as lines between marketing, media, and advertising become more blurred, the public at least knows it’s being sold something.

Why not give them a product they can trust?

Here at Key West Video, we work with a multitude of companies and corporations looking to expand their brand through corporate video. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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