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Thinking of Making An Advisory Video? Try These Video Techniques

If you’ve reached the point the point where you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, you’ll probably need an advisory video.

Advisory videos exist to, well, advise people. Its viewers are usually employees of a company, conglomerate, or corporation that are seeking the expertise of an advisor in a specific public (or private) sector.

Thinking of Making An Advisory Video? Try These Video Techniques
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Whether it’s real estate or finance, it’s most likely that your clients come to you for your insight and knowledge. A corporate advisory video should reflect as such. If you’re an independent advisor, consider the following:

1. Ethos

Establishing your credibility is of the utmost importance. When first coming into contact with a new audience or client, it’s essential that you first sell your credibility before anything else. After all, an advisor is someone who a paying client want to trust. Your honesty and demeanor is the first thing people will notice upon first contact – whether it is in person, or on camera. Listing past experiences, successes, as well as paying attention to body language and making eye contact with the camera makes it easier for an audience to want to trust you.

2. Message

Now that you’ve become comfortable behind the camera, what will you say? Advisory can sometimes be dry, dull, and boring. An advisory video is meant to bring your thoughts and ideas to life. One surefire way to do this is to abandon a script. Yes, you read us. Get rid of that rigid script that makes you sound like Frankenstein. Instead, have mental talking. points to address and reference from.

3. Visual Aids for Advisory Videos

Who wants to sit through a 10-minute video of a single talking head? Visual aids are necessary to spruce up your message and keep your audience engaged. In the past, we’ve found that many advisors prefer to use visual cues (animated infographics, for example) while they narrate over them.

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