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In our last blog, we talked about the process of creating a live-action video. Today, we’ll talk about how we produce animation video. Our goal is to clearly explain the way Key West Video works with clients on an animated project. Of course, if you ever have any questions, you can contact us directly and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Stage One: Pre-Production

If you read our blog on the steps of producing a live-action video, you’ll see that the process of producing an animated video is very similar. We start by meeting with the client to discuss the project and gather information. This is when we go over the goals of the video to make sure we understand what the client wants to achieve. We may ask you to fill out a questionnaire in lieu of a creative brief for our reference and to ensure we’re hitting the mark.

Once we have a clear vision of what the client would like created, our team gets to work on a storyboard. The animator assigned to the project can use logos, graphics, and any other materials the client has provided. That way, the animation video will have the look and feel of the company’s existing marketing materials. An animator will also be working with an approved script (supplied by the client or written by us) to compose the storyboard. After the storyboard is finished, it’s sent for approval. That’s when the client has a chance to see the characters and animation style, asking for any changes they’d like. When the client is happy with the visual direction of the animation, we can move on to stage two.

Stage Two: Production

When it comes to producing an animation with Key West Video, step two is pretty simple. We ask our clients what kind of voice-over they want to accompany the animation. Some animation videos have only music, but most include a voice. This could be the voice-over that narrates the video, or it could be the voice or voices of the characters within the animation. We’ll send samples of voice-over artists so the client can choose the one they feel best represents the animation. We’ve had projects voiced by children, older adults, men, women, and even artists who do specialized character voices. There are also options for accents and we can have the VO read in any language. When the client settles on the voice, we can record the script and stage two is complete.

Stage Three: Post-Production


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This is when our animators have a chance to really dig in! They bring the storyboard to life by populating the entire script with characters, symbols, and whatever else conveys the client’s message. Music and sound effects will also be added. When a first cut of the entire animation is complete, we’ll send a link to the client. Then they have a chance to look through the first version and give us feedback. We’ll continue to make adjustments based on comments until the client is happy to give a stamp of approval to a final version.

Stage Four: Delivery

This is it: delivery day! By now, the animation video has been finalized and all that’s left is to deliver the files to the client. How we do that is really up to you. We can cater to the format that best suits your intended use of the animation—will it live on the homepage of your website or be sent as an email link? It’s also possible we’re delivering more than one version in different formats. We’ve already done a quality check on our end, but we also want the client to do a final review of delivered files to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect.

The End

Hopefully this review of how we produce an animated video has helped you understand the process. We do our very best to make working with Key West Video an easy and pleasant collaboration. Having been in the corporate video production industry for more than 30 years, we understand what it takes to produce videos that effectively speak to your target market. Whether you’re looking to make a training video, promotional video, corporate address, or any other video-based communication, we’re here to get you to the finish line! If you’re unsure what kind of video would best suit your needs, just give us a call and we can talk about the possibilities.

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