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Why use animation:

Looking for a corporate video to spruce up your business? Corporate animation is not only an excellent alternative to live-action but also a method capable of showcasing concepts that don’t even exist yet.

KEY WEST VIDEO – Many companies are utilizing corporate video as a means of promoting themselves, primarily through website video. However, an alternative to the mainstream live-action videos is the possibility of 2D or 3D animation. Not any longer are they confined to the realm of childish cartoons and silly shorts. 2D and 3D motion graphics are becoming widespread and an ever-evolving tool for those in the video production industry. It allows for a high-quality product that provides the client with flexibility and full control over the creation and execution of their vision. Maintaining flexibility, efficiency, and control are incredibly crucial to any business as there will undoubtedly be several individuals involved in the production of a company video, ensuring the right message, content, and the image portrayal.

— Efficient

Animation can sometimes be more efficient in comparison to live-action video. I especially helpful if your business has fast-approaching deadlines and time constraints. Live-action includes many elements, such as scripting, camera, lighting, sound, directing, talent, voiceover, editing, color correction, music, and any sort of logo or additional graphics. However, animation includes scripting, illustration, animation, voiceover, editing, music, and sound effects. Both have very similar elements, yet animation does not include the hassle of coordinating and booking talent and locations. Since there is much less pre-production involved, motion graphics prove to be more efficient in terms of beginning the project much sooner than one, including live-action footage. If your business is looking for a hassle-free production, an animation may be a better route.

— Flexible

Animation also permits much more flexibility than live-action productions. Flexibility may be an asset to your business if you’re looking to play around with a few styles and types of motion graphics. You can include any sorts of elements that generally would not be possible in the instance of a live-action production. Most importantly, the aspect of flexibility allows an animation to illustrate concepts that may not even exist yet. There is also flexibility in terms of styles, depending on the content that you are interested in showcasing. You may choose to utilize the traditional cartoon-style, whiteboard, infographic or explainer, 2D and 3D animation, or even a combination of these.

— Adaptable

Not only does animation permit flexibility in terms of the concept and initial stages of your business’ video production, but the element of adaptability is also present in all phases of its production. Animation allows for complete control over your vision. You can tweak and modify as much of your animation as you would like without having to re-coordinate and re-shoot your production (as in the case of a live-action video). If your product changes or you choose to remove or incorporate something new, animation allows you to perform such modifications much more quickly than a live-action production would. Nothing needs to be scheduled or arranged with other individuals as you are in complete control of the entire process.

— High Quality

Your business needs to always be on the frontline of innovation. It is vital to keep up with the ever-changing technology in this world, and many live-action videos soon become outdated in terms of video quality. With animation, video quality is no longer a concern. Animation provides a high-quality look and feel, especially with the incorporation of 3D elements, and even more so if executed correctly by an experienced motion graphics artist. Animation can also be combined with high definition live-action footage if necessary, depending on the look and feel desired by the client. Your business will benefit from animation for a more considerable period.

— Showcase non-existent concepts, inventions, prototypes, procedures, etc.

The most advantageous feature of animation is that it allows you to showcase something that may not even be in existence as of yet. If your business has potential concepts, inventions, prototypes, procedures, etc. that would be otherwise nearly impossible to showcase in action/motion, animation is an excellent option for illustrating these. Animation can provide a visual element that never existed before and hopefully better explain your product or concept than before. Since you control everything seen on the screen, you can illustrate what you want in the exact method you desire.

An animation is an excellent tool, primarily, if utilized wisely. If your business needs a great alternative to live-action footage, then animation is an excellent option for you. Check out our motion graphics artists at Key West Video.

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Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog - Animation to spruce up your Corporate Video
Key West Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog – Animation to spruce up your Corporate Video

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