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While we tell our clients that the attention span of viewers is scarce, they don’t always seem to understand the depth of the issue. Take a look at some of the statistics we have found to learn just how… oh wait I need to check an email.

attention span #Statistics show that video audiences, today more than ever, are watching and paying attention to content which is as direct to the point as possible. One of the most obvious reasons for this being that we are surrounded by technology with the intention to make our lives simpler, that in fact make us less connected, less concentrated, and create audiences with a much shorter attention span.

One way to gauge this is to look at studies which showcase how the average persons attention span has changed over the years. One such study from Statistics Brain contends that in 2008 the average attention span was 12 seconds long. Five years later in 2013, that number has dropped to 8 seconds, which is one second less than the average attention span of a goldfish.

Rob Weatherhead for an article on the Guardian website, summarizes a Pew Internet study which stated that,

The current generation of internet consumers live in a world of “instant gratification and quick fixes” which leads to a “loss of patience and a lack of deep thinking”

When it comes to video audiences, although video is a great way to capture attention, if the content isn’t compelling that attention won’t be captured for long. We like to direct our clients to stats like this chart below, which showcase the length of videos which get watched the most online. The shorter the content the more likely you will get more eyeballs on it.

attention span This is not always the case however. There are certainly instances when you are able to create videos longer in length and still keep individuals engaged. These scenarios however are most often when you already have an engaged audience with a desire for the content you are providing. For example, if it is an internal video and necessary for the viewer to watch, or if it is for some sort of training purpose. In these cases, although being concise can be a benefit, it is not a necessity.

When producing a promotional video such as an event highlight, product demo, company profile, service offering, PSA, or other video of the like, keep in mind the information we have provided here. As it may greatly assist you in finding a greater audience who will actually watch and actively engage with your video content.

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