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How To Not Be Awkward On Camera For Your Corporate Video

If you’re not trained talent, chances are you might find it awkward being in front of a camera.

We get it. Even the bubbliest of personalities dwindle down in front of cameras. Sometimes it’s nerves. Other times, it’s discomfort. More often than not, it’s simply just feeling awkward.

How To Not Be Awkward On Camera For Your Corporate Video
Photo credit: M I S C H E L L E via / CC BY-NC-ND

Though there’s nothing wrong with feeling awkward in front of a camera, there are ways to cope with it. Here we’ve compiled a list of ways you can overcome that feeling of awkwardness when a director yells action:


Understand that there are much worse things than this. You could be falling off of a cliff. You could’ve been getting hit by an ice sheet while climbing Mt. Everest. You could be surfing above a sea of sharks. But you’re not. You’re here, and chances are you’ll survive another day. Suddenly, this becomes a lot less scary. And you probably won’t be on camera for that long. You can breathe short little breaths to get you through it, but you will survive.

Have A Conversation

If you’re speaking directly to camera, you’ll want to look as natural as possible. Whether it’s offering information, describing the services or products your company offers or explaining a tutorial, it’s best to try and have a conversation with the camera. By this, we mean that one should speak as naturally as possible as if the camera is another human being (or as if it’s not even there). This little trick makes a world of difference. No viewer wants to feel like he or she is being spoken at. The audience wants to be spoken to and involved in a meaningful dialogue, even if that means just listening.


Like anything in life, practice makes perfect. With that being said, rehearsing what you will say once on camera is not only advantageous in helping you fight your awkwardness, but it also makes for a smoother, more efficient shoot. Practicing your lines means less time on camera, which means less time you might otherwise feel awkward.

Here at Key West Video, we work with talent to create the most smooth shoot as possible. Our skilled camera operators are experienced in making talent feel as comfortable as possible. For more samples of our work, visit our website today!

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