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Avenger’s Endgame was a blockbuster movie produced by Marvel Studios. It brought together the Avengers characters in a final stand against Thanos as they tried to save the universe. That’s the plot of the movie. The reality of the movie is an unprecedented gathering of star power for a highly-anticipated film. The studio went to great lengths to avoid spoilers, including banning the stars from taking pictures and video on set. Then the movie was released, the money started pouring in, and the fans got even more than they bargained for. Sure, the film is still pulling in a record-breaking amount of money but the behind-the-scenes (BTS) clips supplied by the stars has created a whole next wave of interest. People love to see the extras that provide a personal, exclusive connection. That goes for movies, and it goes for business.

BTS Business Benefits

There’s no denying that people love to pull back the curtain and see how things work. Anecdotally, Key West Video knows that social media posts showing our crew on set, pictures from the office, and snaps from the road get the most attention and the greatest number of comments. It’s absolutely true that taking your audience behind-the-scenes can have a positive effect on your business. Posting videos and images with a personal touch can drive traffic to your website, attract potential clients, and be a boon for word-of-mouth advertising.

 BTS Branding Benefits

When it comes to branding, a peek behind-the-scenes is a very effective business tool. Candid pictures and videos promote the human side of your business, which builds trust. This kind of content makes the audience feel included and lets them put a face on your brand. It’s also an opportunity for a business to show off talented team members hard at work. Customers who see their values reflected in your business and staff will be more likely to engage with your services. Behind-the-scenes content is memorable and helps a business stand out from others in a crowded marketplace.

Stepping away from sales-focused content is refreshing for customers. If they’re looking at your social media account or website, they probably already know your business. Why not give them another reason to like you and keep returning for more? The casual, current, easy-to-supply nature of behind-the-scenes content means a little effort earns you great returns. Social media is an excellent place to try implementing BTS content for the first time. Once you get comfortable and gauge viewer reaction, you can serve up more of what they like.

Generating Behind-the-Scenes Ideas

There are so many ways to show what goes on behind-the-scenes at a business. One example we love is from Amazon. They’ve combined the popularity of internet animals and the craving for BTS content with the Dogs of Amazon. It’s a long-standing tradition for employees to bring their fur babies to work and the company really embraces pets. Do you have an office pet that’s not afraid of the spotlight?

Here are some more ideas on how you can share BTS content:

  • Highlight your success by choosing clips that show progress and achievements. Nothing’s wrong with a little humble bragging.
  • Build hype with a sneak peek of a new product or project in the works.
  • Is there something that might surprise or delight people about how your business operates?
  • Share your funny side. Consumers are more likely to both like and share a BTS video that makes them laugh.
  • Include media from a team building day or an event outside the office.
  • What do your workers do in their free time? Feature employee talents beyond the office setting.
  • Show your office space, especially if you have some unique features or somewhere products are produced.
  • Ask employees if they have ideas for BTS content and also ask customers what they’d like to see.

Getting Personal

Looking behind-the-scenes is a little bit like participating in sanctioned gossip. We all like to feel we’re in the know and privy to inside information. People don’t expect BTS content to look perfect. It’s a slice of life moment that’s easy to capture and easy to post. So take advantage of the format and give your customers a chance to get to know your business a little better.

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