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Made in Canada. It’s a label that makes us proud because we feel good about our accomplishments and supporting the home team. There are a lot of great things coming out of our country, and tech is one of the areas where the True North excels. Canada is a growing tech hub and we attract a lot of talent and investment. That’s probably why there are so many great apps created in this country. While less than 1% of all app publishers on Google Play are from Canada, we’re still making an impact! Today’s blog will look at some of the best Canadian apps.

What are We Downloading?

Canadian flags
The Tim Hortons app is one of the most downloaded in Canada

Before we take a look at some of the best Canadian apps, let’s talk about the kind of apps Canadians use. A list of top Google play apps in the country includes Tim Hortons, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and TikTok. The most downloaded apps and games from the app store last year include Disney+, the COVID Alert, and WhatsApp. These free apps are things that cater to work and entertainment. When it comes to paid apps, Canadians are more about playing with photos and looking after our health. The top paid apps in Canada include AutoSleep, TouchRetouch, Facetune, and Forest. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on our phones and tablets.

Fun & Games

When it comes to games, some of the best Canadian apps keep us occupied while we’re on hold and give us a distraction during a coffee break. Players can really throw themselves into Climbing Flail. Using a floppy-bodied cartoon character, users scale a mountain while trying to avoid dangerous objects. The simple drag-and-launch method of propulsion doesn’t take a lot of brainpower, but it is fun.

Golf Blitz from Saskatoon’s Noodlecake Studios is a multiplayer game that feels like an extreme version of miniature golf. This game is part of the Super Stickman Golf (SSG) series. You can customize your player and your bag as you navigate some pretty unusual courses. Watch out for errant—or aimed—opponent balls that can collide with yours. A running trophy count will determine who you end up playing and your speed, accuracy, and power are all tied to how well you’ve played in the past.

Let’s Eat!

Right now, we’re eating most of our meals at home and cooking more than ever. To keep ourselves healthy and sane, many of us are trying new recipes and cooking methods. One of the best Canadian apps providing both healthy and delicious suggestions is Oh She Glows. This recipe app is an adaptation of a blog written by Angela Liddon. Her plant-based recipes cover breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Beautiful food photos will entice you to try your hand at going meatless.

From vegetables to Hamm, we move on to Canada’s most popular food delivery app, Skip the Dishes. This app started in Winnipeg and was purchased by Just Eat in 2016. It still identifies as proudly Canadian even though it has a Canuck wannabe as its spokesperson. Jon Hamm plays an honourary Canadian, portraying some of our most well-loved stereotypes while shilling for Skip the Dishes. Although restaurants have suffered greatly during the pandemic, food delivery has become extremely popular, doubling its share of the food service market.

Entertain Me

Have you watched Schitt’s Creek yet? There’s no need for a Netflix account if you want to view the award-winning show! Just use CBC Gem, one of Canada’s best apps. Get access to hundreds of shows on demand and live streams of news, sports, and select events. Now you can finally understand why every Dave in the country has become a “DAY-VIIIIID”.

After so much stimulation from all the entertainment apps out there, it’s time to get a good night’s sleep. That’s where the Relax Melodies app comes in. One of the co-founders of this app suffered from insomnia and took matters into his own hands. Fall asleep, relax, or meditate peacefully to the sound of rain, thunder, and animal or create a custom mix to find your perfect drifting off to sleep melody. You can even choose a bedtime story to help you get 40 winks.

Social Good

Some of the best Canadian apps remind us how luck we are to live in this country. One app that’s recently gotten some press south of the border is Native Land. This app is run by the Canadian nonprofit, Native Land Digital, and it uses geolocation to let a user know the Indigenous history of a place. Type in your address to learn more about land acknowledgement with links to websites about Indigenous tribes and nations, their languages, or any relevant treaties.

If you’re a newcomer to Canada, there are apps that can help you navigate your adopted country. Anyone who’s traveled knows that a local app can be hugely helpful when it comes to finding your way around, sourcing a great meal, or searching local sights. Immigrants may be looking for all those things and more, so a handful of useful apps can be a lifesaver. From document scanning to world clocks, immigrant-friendly apps can save the user money and time, as well as make them feel right at home.

WrAPPing it Up

The best Canadian apps are keeping us entertained, feeding us, and making us socially aware. We have a lot of talent in this country and app creation is one of the many places we’re gaining recognition. The Key West Video crew is also a big fan of apps. Although everyone has their favourite, you’ll see on the bottom of our homepage that we have a united love of showing off what we do. Follow us for the latest in corporate video production, a peek into our workday, and the occasional team cosplay.

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