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Does Your Company Need Billboard Ad Video Marketing?

Billboard marketing made waves when they first arrived. But since then, our culture has shifted the way we consume content, forcing marketers to follow suit.

What better way to do it than on the big screen with billboard video advertising?
Times Square, arguably one of the most popular sites in the Big Apple, sees a whopping 3-400 000 people each day.
That’s a lot of people.

Regardless of age, race/ethnicity, gender or economic background, that’s also a huge potential market.

Filled with bright lights, enticing street performers and a multitude of shops to choose from, it can be difficult to really take in all of what’s around you. One thing that stands out, however, are the massive billboard video advertisements surrounding the central square.

It isn’t surprising that our very own Dundas Square followed suit, as well.

Billboard video advertisements add that extra level of intrigue. In high-density areas like Times or Dundas Square, a video (and a good one at that) grabs people’s attention. At the very least, a company’s video advertisement will be visible to many. And if your company’s ad is actually good, even better – that could translate to increased sales.

They also stimulate the senses. One notion is that highly populated areas such as these are high stimulant areas. With so many different sounds, smells, and new things to touch and taste, our senses are at an all-time high. If we factor in bright lights and high-action video, it’s almost sensory overload.

An important thing to consider is location. When shooting for a billboard video ad, where will it be? When it boils down to it, you want people to engage with your brand. British Airways recognized the importance of location and incorporated a brilliant billboard ad:

Highly populated areas mean higher competition, which also means a higher production value which means a higher budget. Are you prepared to create high-quality content that can stand against the competition and make waves?
Here at Key West Video, we create top-quality video for all mediums. With an emphasis on creating compelling corporate content, we strive to make our clients happy with stunning video quality. Visit the Key West Video Inc. website for a quote today!

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