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Ever Thought Of A Biopic For Your Corporate Video?

Out of all the interesting ways to explore your company, why not include a biopic?

A biopic, another term for a biographical film, is a narrative drama that explores the life of a non-fictional or historically-based person. For corporate companies, this can sometimes mean exploring the lives and legacies of founding fathers and partners.

Ever Thought Of A Biopic For Your Corporate Video?
Ever Thought Of A Biopic For Your Corporate Video?

A biopic is meant to showcase the contributions that person has made to society and highlight what kind of person they were. Where did they come from? What trials did they overcome? How did they manage to do it?

Biopics are a great way for both employees and customers to gain deeper insight into your company. A biopic means a journey into the history of your brand and shedding light on how it was founded. It also highlights the values the company has and had in the past. By showing others what your company believes in, you attract customers based on merit.

Biopics are also another way to show your corporate evolution. They shed light on a particular person’s world and everything in it. They also highlight that person’s personal contributions. It’s important for major corporations to understand the core values centered in its past. How were you first marketing yourselves? Did your product change? How have you come a long way? By understanding your past, you are able to better navigate your future.

Biopics can also make for great potential video campaigns. Budweiser took note of this when they explored their co-founders’ immigrant story.  The more interesting the story, the more enticing the video. Viewers and potential customers want to know that the companies they’re purchasing from understand the human condition. They want the “human side” to your video campaign – how best will you relate to them?

At Key West Video, we recognize the importance of having memorable corporate video. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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