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Blended Workforces Mix Contract and Full-Time Workers

Blended workforces are a mix of full-time employees with freelancers, part-timers, contract workers, temps and consultants. By 2020, it’s projected that 40% of workers will identify as agile talent. It’s the way business has been going since 2008 and the trend continues.

Employer Benefits

Employing a mix of full-time and part-time workers benefits an employer in a number of ways. First of all, it’s economical. Employers avoid paying overhead and benefits for people who come in as contractors or only for the duration of a specific project. A team can be built up and then disassembled as dictated by company workload. When someone with specialized talents is needed, an employer is free to seek out that resource without having to make a permanent hire.

Having a blended workforce also means dual perspectives.  Full-timers anchor a company, while freelancers provide fresh eyes. Veteran workers know the job and the business, helping a freelancer find their way. A freelancer can provide an outsider’s take on the work, bringing in new ideas. In this way, part-time workers can also keep full-time workers on their toes. Nobody wants to be out-performed by a freelancer. A little competition isn’t a bad thing.

Employee Benefits

Many people enjoy being a hired gun. Although they may lack job security, freelancers can often command a higher wage. Whether charging an hourly rate or a project-based rate, part-time workers often take home more money than their full-time counterparts. Working flexible hours or part-time also allows the freedom to tackle multiple jobs simultaneously. Plus, many enjoy the ability to work remotely.

A Home Office is Part of Being Agile
Working remotely is an advantage of being agile

Moving from one contract to another means a worker gains a breadth of experience, too. Depending on a person’s job or specialty, they may be able to work in diverse fields, increasing their chances of future employment. For many, a transient work life keeps things interesting and exciting.

Blended Workforces Rely on Tech

In a gig economy, technology is a necessary enabler. Ensuring contract workers are kept in the loop is vital, especially if they aren’t physically in the office. Video conferencing, chat, messaging platforms, file-sharing services and project management tools can help keep everyone informed of project status. Many managers find regular team meetings are an important part of doing business.

Making the Most of Your Workforce

Whatever the make up of your workforce, Key West Video can help you reach your business goals. Click here for details on the services we offer and to get a quote today.

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