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Brand Mascots Get Noticed

Brand mascots can be an important part of a marketing campaign. It’s impossible to turn on your tv or turn to the internet without seeing a spokescreature. These representatives are shilling for their brand in the form of talking ducks and dough balls come to life. It all sounds a bit like a nightmare, but spokescreatures are recognizable, beloved and lucrative.

Who are Your Favourites?

Take a moment to think about your favourite brand mascot. Is it the Aflac duck with his saucy attitude and in-your-face delivery? Or maybe you like one of the M&Ms spokescandies, each colour imbued with a distinct personality. What about them that resonates with you?

brand mascots
You can’t say “Aflac” without hearing the duck

Done well, a spokescreature creates a connection with the audience. That connection helps you remember the product, which means you’re more likely to buy or use that product. The popularity of a brand mascot can keep its associated business top-of-mind, which translates to profits.

Advantages of a Brand Mascot

Mascots work for peanuts, especially in the case of Mr. Peanut. They’re also ageless, but you can update them at will. They’re marketing multi-taskers when used for tv or movie cameos, leveraged as branding tie-ins or sold as collectible plush toys.

The best brand mascots make an intrinsic connection with their brand. This can be done through name, such as with the Budweiser frogs. A mascot can tout the benefits of their product like Mr. Clean, or even be the product as is the case with the Michelin Man. The Trix Rabbit connects with his audience directly when he declares Trix are for kids! Speaking of which, breakfast cereals may have the longest list of related mascots in the marketing world!

Social Media Mascots

Today’s brand mascots are social media savvy. They have their own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instgram feeds. The consumer can ask them questions and like their posts, all while boosting visibility for their brand. These iconic figures need to stay true to their carefully crafted characters when interacting with the public. Even the voice actors who bring these characters to life are expected to behave or suffer the consequences.

In November last year, Mr. Peanut became an internet sensation. With one little move, he left quite the impression on the crowd at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Mr. Peanut did the dab, which was made into a GIF, blew up online and led to his nomination for a Shorty Award. That monocled peanut is proof that anthropomorphizing a legume can boost business.

Bring us Your Mascot

At Key West Video, we can use your brand mascot in a corporate video. Heck, we can even animate your logo! Give us a call today for a free quote.

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