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Adding a brand name to your video is of the most importance. It’s more than just a name, it’s you. Your #BrandName is everything you and your company stand for.

Brand Name you can trust!
Brand Name you can trust!

In the fashion world, a brand name means just about everything. Would the names #KateSpade, #TedBaker, or #KarlLagerfeld be on anything made cheaply? When a consumer first sees those brand names they think #Stylish, #HighClass, #Expensive, #Respected and #InDemand. You probably wouldn’t find their shirts and skirts next to some obscure designer, or #JustinBieber (Sorry, no #Beliebers at the office).

A brand name is of course not limited to material objects.
A great example is #TheDickVanDykeShow, starring #DickVanDyke, as the shows opening credits go. The lead characters name is played by Dyke, however he plays #RobPetrie. But the name Dick Van Dyke stands for something. Just like #MaryTylerMoore who played #MaryRichards on #TheMaryTylerMooreshow. When we hear those names we immediately know we are getting high quality #Television. They stand for #Funny, #Inventive, #Dynamic and #Entertaining.

Even just letting on who directed a film already sets the tone for how it will be perceived. When we say #AlfredHitchcock, #MartinScorsese, #RobReiner or #MelBrooks, 4 very different, but memorable and reliable pictures come to mind. We know what we are getting even before we buy our ticket stub at the #BoxOffice.

Just like you brand your product or service, its important to brand your video too. displaying your brand name ensures that immediately upon pressing “play” the viewer knows that they are getting YOUR amazing product or service and will ensure a positive response! If you are fortunate enough to have an easily and readily recognizable symbol that you can use in the place of words than you can certainly use that too. #Apple uses their bitten-apple symbol, #Starbucks uses and the #TwinTailedMermaid #Nike the check-mark. They are definitely brand name role models!

So smile, because this time it’s all about you.

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