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Budget December video

This is it. The last day before the last month of 2018. Time to do some housekeeping. For many businesses, that means looking for ways to spend money left in the yearly budget. We an idea when it comes to the best way to zero your books and get a great return on investment: budget for video.

Use it or Lose it

Sometimes a budget surplus in December is just as bad as a shortfall. There’s a use-it-or-lose-it mentality that compels management to spend every last dime so they don’t see a budget cut in the future. Whether you’re looking for a way to spend what’s left, or you’re working from a zero-based budget and you’d like to add another project, video can fill the void.

End-of-year Hiring

Budget December video
Make a hiring video in December

Typically, December is not a good month to look for a job because not many places are hiring. People are on vacation or they’re thinking about vacation or they’re trying to frantically get work done so they can go on vacation. But if you’re looking to take a bite out of your year-end budget, December is a great time to hire. Contract a freelancer or consultant to help with end-of-year tasks or prep for the new year. Even if you don’t hire in December, you can get ready for January hires. Attract new employees with a video. Show them what it’s like to work for your company by interviewing workers, giving a behind-the-scenes tour, and talking about plans for 2019.

Add Gift-Giving to the Budget

It’s been a long year, so why not reward your employees? They won’t even mind that your generosity is also contributing the to the bottom line. Buy gift cards or cater lunches as a way to thank workers for all the time they’ve put in this year. A holiday party doesn’t have to be over-the-top to show that you appreciate the people you see every day.

Think outside the office. Is there room in your budget for a charity? Make a straight-up donation or involve your team in a fundraising effort. Pick something that reflects the values of your business so everyone feels invested. Fundraising videos promote the charity and your business—it’s a win-win!

Stock Up

A penny saved it a penny earned? We prefer the adage you have to spend money to make money. December is a good time to stock up, especially if you’re trying to deplete your budget. We’re not just talking about office supplies and software upgrades—we’re also talking about video! Record holiday greetings from upper management to send a video message of thanks to workers. You could also invest in raw footage shot now to be made into a video in the new year.

Time to Refresh

Budget December video
Get ready for the new year with a new video

Pump up your digital presence with a new video for your website. Make your first video ever or refresh a piece with outdated information. Hold the reveal until January and start the new year with a fresh look for customers. If you’ve worked with us before, we can pull archived footage and rework or add to an existing video.

Happy New Year

Money left in a budget at the end of the year doesn’t have to cause panic. Invest in video and reap the benefits long into the new year. Call us today to discuss ideas and we think you’ll have a happy new year.

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