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How do you make an animated character more relatable? You make him part of the community! We worked with client Fuel Media to create online videos for Cambrian Insurance. The goal was to introduce their new spokesperson, Jim. Jim’s job is telling Northern Ontarians about home, auto, and life insurance. He’s also used to promote an online insurance tool. Here’s how we worked with Fuel Media to make Jim a trusted advisor.

Preparing for the Cambrian Insurance Animation

The first step in our process was to write scripts and have them approved by the client. Fuel Media supplied our scriptwriter with a personality profile of Jim, including key traits. They wanted their TM to relate to Jim, seeing him as a neighbour or friend. Even though Jim is an animated character, our challenge was to make him personable.

The scripts needed to be Northern Ontario focused. Using Jim’s voice, we spoke to the interests and concerns of people living in this part of the country. The client also asked us to match the run of the campaign, which is taking place this winter. That meant any outdoor scenes included snow and warm clothing. We also used a snowmobile to represent the kind of vehicle the TM may want to insure. If this campaign were running in the summer, our visuals could have included a cottage and speed boat.

Two Stories, Four Videos

We were asked to produce two different spots. One would focus on the online Cambrian Insurance application, while the other would introduce Jim. Both would be narrated by Jim and both would promote the insurance company’s services. In addition, one spot would run as a thirty-second split. That meant we needed one video to run seamlessly in its entirety but would also make sense as two independent fifteen-second spots. We decided to split the generic spot and leave the Jim spot as a stand-alone. This format resulted in the delivery of three generic spots—one thirty second and two fifteen-second versions—and one Jim spot. Two stories, four videos.

Generic Videos

The generic video begins with Jim, who introduces the idea of insurance and the team at Cambrian Insurance. We learn that the brokers “live, work, and play” in Northern Ontario, giving potential insurance buyers confidence that their lifestyle and needs will be understood. We see a winter setting and hear about the benefits of using Cambrian Insurance. The visuals include logos of affiliated insurance companies for recognizability and legitimacy. The script appeals to the TM by talking about protecting what’s important. The audience is given the option of looking for insurance online or talking to a broker in-office. The spot ends with the tag line and url.

For the split version, the full generic is literally split in half at fifteen seconds. The script was written to make sense as a whole or as two independent videos. Each ends with the backpage that has the tagline and url visually. Regardless of whether the viewer sees one fifteen-second spot, both fifteen-second spots, or the full thirty-second spot, they get the important information: the company name, the services provided, and how to get in touch.

Meet Jim from Cambrian Insurance

This video is more Jim-focused. We start with Jim introducing himself and telling you he’s part of the local CI team. The information in this spot is similar to the generic spot. A viewer will learn about the services provided by Cambrian Insurance and how they can take advantage. The main insurance concerns are named: family, home vehicle. There are visuals of the online application for familiarity and reference. The spot promotes the online buy but also shows workers in an office, reassuring the TM “we’ll be here when you need us”. The whole feel is very friendly and approachable. Jim is your neighbour, your friend, here to help you out.

Your Video Partner

Most often, we work directly with clients but sometimes we work with an agency as a video partner. In this case study, we worked with Fuel Media to provide video for Cambrian Insurance. Whether you have a client who needs video support, or you are the client who needs video support, Key West Video can help! We’ll work with you to produce videos that connect with your target market. Call us today for a free quote.

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