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on camera wardrobe best and worst

So you’ve decided a corporate video will help boost your business and you’ve booked the shoot. Excellent choice! Now let’s talk about your on-camera wardrobe.

On Camera Wardrobe Losers

While you may love that bright red sweater, the camera does not. Reds and oranges tend to glow and are best left in the closet. Also avoid anything with tight pinstripes, corduroy, and herringbone, as they can result in a moiré effect. Anything shiny or reflective can fight with the lighting and look of the shot, so stick to simple jewelry and matte fabrics.

On Camera Wardrobe Winners

On a more positive note, there are plenty of choices that will make you look professional and polished on shoot day. Solid colours work best on camera. Blue, green, gray and earth tones are good bets. If you’d like to add a pop of colour or interest, consider a subtly patterned scarf or tie to complete your outfit.

Dress the Part

When deciding what your on-camera wardrobe should be, consider the personal and company image you want to convey. Think of your company as a character and dress the part. Are you going for authority or relatability? Who is your target market and how do you want them to see you?

on camera wardrobe choices
Choose clothes that work well on camera

The Camera adds pounds

They say the camera adds 10 pounds. Unfortunately, that’s true. To help combat the effect, on camera wardrobe is fitted and add shape. You also want to avoid high-contrast outfits. If you have a darker skin tone, choose a light blue shirt over a white shirt. Those with pale complexions should opt for a gray suit instead of a black suit. And if you wear glasses, tipping the bows up off your ears and angling the lenses down may reduce glare from the lights.

We’re Here to Guide You

On shoot day, bring several wardrobe options. The  Key West staff will work with you to decide what looks best, makes you feel most comfortable and results in a great end product.

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