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Creating an awesome video for your customers is not enough. You need to think about the campaign as a whole from the start. This means taking the time to step back and plan your campaign strategy before you get started with the video itself.

CampaignOut of the Box, a video production company in Perth, Australia state in their blog, “Only after you clearly define all of  your objectives can you tailor a perfect strategy to achieve them.” Here at Key West Video we completely agree with this.

Our clients often ask us what makes a great video. There are so many different elements that come together to create an amazing story, great production value and a solid concept. But the fact of the matter is if you want your video to be distributed optimally, you need to think about your video as part of a larger campaign.

Target Your Audience

Plan your video with your target market in mind. Everything from how long the video should be, to the gender of the voice-over artist you choose, should be tailored to your audience. When it comes to the campaign, and distributing your content, make sure to decide on the best avenues to reach your audience.

Create a Specific Message

What message do you want to send with your video? Buy our product so we can get rich is not a good strategy. Step into your audiences shoes and determine what they would want to know, what they would like to see, and the best way to get that message across. Your message should not only be an integral part of your video, but a part of the larger campaign as well. Other aspects of your marketing strategy should be co-branded with the video. For example, change up your Facebook display picture to coincide with the new video, create a whitepaper with the same characters from your video, use photos or screen captures from the video to put on branded material.

Measure Your Success

The point of a campaign is to get your brand noticed. Without setting specific goals and finding out if you met those goals, then you will never truly know the success of your campaign. Check out this great article on Innovid to learn more about how to measure the success of your video marketing campaign.

Remember, video is a fabulous marketing tool that can serve a wide variety of purposes. However, videos by themselves need to be part of a larger story. Focusing on the audience, the message, and how you will track it all, will aid you when putting together your next video marketing campaign.

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