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Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! Now that we’re halfway through 2019, it’s time to take a look back at a few memorable moments so far this year. And because we’re a video production company, we’ve chosen to look at how video has brought these events to life. Happy birthday, Canada.

Canada’s Weather

It was a rough winter for many of us in Canada. Once again, video did what words alone couldn’t. A drive through claustrophobic tunnels of snow in the Maritimes had us all cringing. We shivered along as brave souls bent against the wind in Montreal. Even if you didn’t experience this kind of weather yourself, the video helped us all relate to our fellow Canadians.

Alex Trebek Talks Directly to Fans

Canada’s own Alex Trebek announced he had stage four pancreatic cancer in March. He spoke directly to Jeopardy fans in a video, stating that he wanted to share the news himself. He also wanted to say that he would be fighting the disease. In May, Trebek was back to update us all with good news. According to his doctors, he’s in “near remission” and said he’s doing well. He thanked fans for their support. Seeing Trebek on video was comforting to many, giving viewers a chance to hear the tv host’s take on his prognosis. Video has an emotional impact that connects with an audience.

Canada and D-Day

Last month was the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Canada played a big part in this war-time event, but most of the people who experienced it firsthand are no longer alive. However, video is an effective way of preserving memories and reminding Canadians how our country contributed to the Allied forces. A mixture of interviews, historical footage, and pictures are combined in this mini-documentary on Canadian involvement.

The Raptors are NBA Champions

The Raptors bringing the NBA championship to Canada for the first time ever united a nation. Over the 2018-2019 season, NBA viewership in Canada was up 29% on major networks. During the final series, 44% of Canada’s population was watching as the Raptors took home the title.

Video made it possible for us to follow the Raptors throughout their record-breaking regular season and an incredible playoff run. Video segments introduced us to players, coaches, and fans with interviews and stories. The longer we were in it, the more interest was generated and the more we all knew about the team.

Then came the moment of glory and the ensuing celebration. After the Raptors won the NBA title, the Toronto parade drew two million people to city streets.  The championship procession closed roads, stopped traffic, and showered the team with love. The aerial footage in this video gives the viewer a clear picture of just how many people clogged the parade route while cameras on the ground captured the excitement.

The True North Strong and Free

As Canadians, we have a lot to be proud of in our country. We’re a diverse nation with 3.8 million square miles falling within our borders. Video is one of the tools we use to close the physical gaps and relate to fellow citizens. It helps us understand our neighbours and unite together under one flag. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

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