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What Corporate Companies Can Learn From Car Commercials

Car commercials are not new.

In fact, we’ve become so privy to them that car companies have to constantly look for new ways to entertain us.

But what is it about a car commercial that draws us in? Is it the baritone in the masculine voice(over) that commands our attention? Or perhaps it’s the Grand Canyon landscape or mountainous terrain? Or maybe it’s a combination of the two, added with extreme close-ups on roaring engines, tires, and steering wheels that leave us wanting for more.

Here we’ve identified some of these commonalities and how other corporate companies can borrow from their template:

What Corporate Companies Can Learn From Car Commercials
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Ever notice how auto commercials tell a story? They’re often very subtle but build suspense through fast-moving imagery, upbeat music, and an authoritative narrator. They create a sense of urgency needed to entice buyers to action.


These types of commercials move at a certain tempo. They’re meant to capture our attention and keep us engaged. We move with the vehicle. We spin with the tires. And all the while, we marvel at its horsepower and how it is able to manoeuvre through muddy roads and up high mountains. The speed of the action video is what captivates us. It makes us pay attention faster.


In these types of commercials, the cinematography is always on point. Commercials are shot to accentuate the details on cars: their wax, tires, windshield, paint job and so on. The videos often take us on a journey through the most beautiful and rough terrain to showcase the magnificence of the vehicle. Sometimes, the vehicles are placed on a 3/4 position to allows the camera to see half of the front and half of the side of the car. This is usually what many car manufacturers want to see. Lighting is measured to highlight the reflections on the car.

Corporate companies can take away a lot from car commercials. With great attention to pace, lighting, and overall message to a video, a corporate company can walk away with a much richer product.

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