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Last week we published a blog about event videos. This week we continue our look at event videos with a second case study. Our client was the CHEST Foundation, a nonprofit organization that champions lung health through education and free testing. We shot their annual general meeting in the fall of 2017.

Setting the Scene

The video begins with the CHEST logo and wide shots of the event location to set the stage. This gathering took place in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, a well-known communal area. The video title lets the viewer know what they’re about to watch. In under fifteen seconds, we’ve established location and subject.


The narration in this video is provided by interviews done on-site at the event. Before we see a CHEST representative, we hear him telling us about the day and the organization. There is no voice-over in this video because our interviews act as a guide for the piece.

Compilation B-roll

Throughout this event video, the viewer sees lots of b-roll. As the interviews provide the story behind the gathering, footage of the activities taking place support what we’re hearing. Timelapse helps to give the viewer a sense of how busy it was that day. During the video, we see a variety of interactive displays. CHEST representatives are shown giving out information and working with the public at different stations. Even without hearing what’s being said inside the tent, these visuals give a clear indication of the event’s focus.


The music used in this video is light, bright and hopeful. This event is meant to draw public interest and encourage participation. It’s a welcoming atmosphere and people look like they’re enjoying themselves. The music fits with the overall feel of the day and the message CHEST representatives share on-camera.

Event Videos

Key West Video is a regular event attender! We shoot all kinds of gatherings to produce videos for our clients. We can easily use a meeting, conference, seminar or any other function as the basis for a video. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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