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Case Study: NABS Media Sale


The National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) is a dynamic support system for all Canadian professionals in the marketing and communications industry facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.”

NABS required an informative and engaging video for their upcoming Media Sale, formerly known as the NABS Ad Auction, and Keywest was here to help. The NABS Media Sale sells donated media inventory to clients at discounted rates. The organization needed a video that not only showcased some of the industry professionals that they have helped along the way, but also those professionals that have not required their help, yet still understand the need to donate to their outstanding organization.

The video explains what the organization does, what the Media Sale is about, and why they need your support.


Keywest was proud to help NABS and support their cause, especially being a part of the very industry NABS provides assistance to. We provided them with a short video to illustrate who they are, what they do, what their Media Sale is, and why it needs to be supported.

The video is mainly comprised of testimonials from various industry professionals that have previously been involved in the NABS Media Sale. These individuals discuss how the Media Sale is not only beneficial to them, but also society as a whole. The Media Sale allows these professionals to provide their clients with something they want and also do something that is good for society and benefits others in their professional field that may require help; interests of a personal and business nature are both fulfilled. NABS is a helpful platform that industry professionals can rely on everyday.

The video also includes some informative details in regards to the Media Sale and the process involved. It lets people know that it is indeed straightforward to buy from the NABS Media Sale because all you do is identify what you want and send the request – that is all there is to it!

Also, the video lets people know that although they are purchasing media at a highly discounted rate, the media provided is still high quality and that the inventory list includes tier one publishers.

Most importantly, the video ends with a personal connection. Some of those interviewed personally know fellow industry professionals that NABS, and the Media Sale, have actually helped. In addition, there are also short testimonials from those that NABS has helped in the past. The video ends by thanking NABS for their service and encouraging others to donate to the cause.

Contact Person: Jim Warrington, Executive Director

Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog -Case Study: NABS Media Sale
Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog -Case Study: NABS Media Sale

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